Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spiders! Part II | WHFB

Made some progress on the first Spider Unit. Worked out the spacing, etc. Unit fillers are now 3 bases wide, gives more opportunities for dynamic posing, etc.

They will be able to rank up, but it will be a bit tricksy...  I will move the pin holding the spider on the left to the rear to hide it some. As these will be for gaming, the pins will help the spiders be more durable and is a nice way to hold the figures for painting.

The riders will be converted regular gobbos (using wolf rider legs). In order to work out the presentation of the unit, I will build all the spiders first and then add the riders. That way I can work out poses, interactions, etc. in situ.

Thanks for looking


Green Stuff Industries said...

Those creepy-crawlers are turning out really great, Butcher! Kudos!

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