Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 106

Here's a peak at the models I finished while recording episode 106 of Point Hammered!

I finished up the gray armor plates, hooves, fur and stingers while jamming through old Paca episodes.

The rear right fiend is getting a little wild, grabbing on to the tail of the fiend in front of it. Looking to get a quick bang in no doubt!

The other model worked on during this episode was a beast of nurgle. I was concerned about getting the skin to match the other beasts done a year prior and I think I got it pretty close! Can you guess which?

It's the middle bastard. I did not realize til he was done that I gave all the beasts little green stuff tail nubs to cover their poop chutes.

Pics of the remaining units, including the moon dogs, horrors and unit fillers will hit with episode 107.


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