Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blood in the Sun | WHFB

I had the pleasure of attending the "Blood in the Sun" GT in suburbs of Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Rode down and hobby BS'd with another of the Handsome Point Boys, Johnny Hastings.

Here is my army for the weekend:

Short Version of List:

Epidemius [General]

Nurgle Herald [Palanquin, BSB, Regen]

Big horde of 42 plaguebearers

2 units of 5 Furies

3 Plague Drones

Units of 3, 2, and 1 Beasts of Nurgle

3 Units of 3 Nurglings

2 Skullcannons

No magic was a risk IMHO, I wanted to give it a shot. [short rant... I loathe how powerful a couple of spells are in WHFB...]

I found this army was pretty tough, but not equipped to wipe somebody out in less than 6 turns. I built this list to maximize Epidemius' effects [everything aside from the Skillcannons is Nurgle marked.

Amazingly, I never lost Epidemius in the tournament [although he was down to one wound twice :) ]

Overall I finished in the 20's and 4 points (4!) from top daemon Army. It was a great weekend of gaming and Nerd Nirvana!

Game one vs. Khorne Daemons [Dan Ruud]:

Dan's List:
Blood Thirster [General] + gifts
Herald BSB + gifts
Herald on Crusher + gifts
Huge Block of Bloodletters [50!]
5 Crushers
2 single Beasts of Nurgle

I got to go first, managed to get the Thirster down to 2 wounds and Destroy the skull cannon in an incredible [for me] 1st round of shooting. I arranged my units in depth in order prevent the Thirster from swooping in and killing Epidemius :).

Dan's Thirster charged a single Beast of Nurgle that managed to hold the critter for 2 turns until I could bring in support and kill the monster:


... That sorta sums up the game, I managed to get an almost full Epidemius Tally and was poised to roll over the remaining Horde, but ran out of time.

15-5 win for Epidemius!

Round 2 vs. Warriors of Chaos [Chris Walker]

Sadly, pictures did not turn out. Chris is a very good player who I have seen for years at events but never played. It was a pleasure.

Chris ran combo of fast cav and heavy armored units, Deamon Prince of Slaanesh, 2 chariots and Hellcannon.

Predictably I had trouble with getting to grips with units I could defeat to get the Tally going and had nothing for the heavily armed units. Chris avoided my main horde and pretty much killed everything else. Well Played

13-7 Loss for Epidemius.

Games 3-5 in another post.

Thanks for looking!


DeanM said...

Stunning army, Michael. Love your presentation board too. Truly a show-winning army that played respectably too. Makes me want to play my Empire guys again. Best, Dean

PsychosisPC said...

That's a horde of grossness or in other words great looking stuff.

Enkiel Arsenault said...

takes alot of courage to roll an army without caster... I already find it challenging to play daemons without a Dispel scrolls...

Nurglings are my new favourite army, not sure if its the same thing for you ;

my last game, a single unit of 2 surrvived and killed 2 cannon and 2 hellblaster.

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks... I'd give a wooden nickel for Dispel Scroll though ;). There are really only a handful of spells I am really worried about.

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