Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wolf-Ogres--The Finished Product!

Hey team,

Sorry I didn't get a chance to put these up before BitS--I had a freelance editing project come my way and couldn't turn down that sweet, sweet cash. Now that it's all wrapped up, however, I can finally get back to posting here!
The original Wolf-Ogre. Sploosh.

 So if you've seen my previous blog post ( you'll know that I threw together some Chaos Ogres using old Confrontation Wolfen models. They came together pretty well I think!

Now on to some pics:

The banner-bro. No freehand yet!

I really liked this model. Lots of definition, great pose.

Liked him so much I needed more pics!

The musician of the bunch. His weapon was terrible to work on!

And finally the big one.

I liked how I painted him a lot! Think he turned out well.

All together now!

One more (why the fuck not?)

These guys ended up being a really fun project. Thanks to Hayne of the good ol' South (he runs the RockWars GT in September--check it out!), I managed to get another 10 or so of these models. After talking it out with Ruins, I'm thinking Dragon Ogres may be next. I've got an interesting idea to use them in a tournament list.

As for how they functioned in game, it varied pretty heavily. Here's a summary:

Round 1 (Skaven): They got into combat with the Screaming Bell and their St6 was really helpful in pulling it down. +1
Round 2 (High Elves): They spent most of the game simply being threatening, but in the last turn hit some Swordmasters in the rear (amongst many other things) and didn't give up too much combat res. I think they did more damage than they took. +1
Round 3 (WoC): There was nothing in my opponent's army that they could legit fight fairly, so they just backed off as bait and eventually died. -1
Round 4 (WoC): They turned around (after being Choir-ed) and hit a small unit of marauders with Wolfrik, preventing a charge on my lvl4. Importantly, they didn't die immediately and in fact won combat that round. They promptly died next round. 0?
Round 5 (Empire): They went into the flank of a Steamtank and maybe cause 2 wounds. Then the watchtower (which did d6 st4 hits at the beginning of every player turn) killed them off over two or 3 rounds. -1

Ultimately, looks like a wash. Not bad for a unit like this! While a Gorebeast chariot (plus some random things) or finding the points for a unit of Knights may have been more useful, these guys were super-fun to play with. Definitely going to bring them out again sometime.

Anyway, I've got new projects to attend to in the near future, so keep your eyes out for those. Also, I got a lot of comments on my Warshrine over the weekend, so I'll be throwing up a post of those sometime later this week.

Also, I need new lighting. Fuck trying to blend in my dungeon of an apartment. If anyone has any suggestions, lemme know. 

Smell ya later,
-Mikey G


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