Thursday, June 12, 2014

Whippin' Up Some Wolf-Ogres

Hey folks!

With summer starting up and the weather getting nice, I figured I'd do the natural thing and spend extra time shut up in my apartment painting miniatures!

I've been looking at making some Chaos Ogres for a while now, since I'm getting exceptionally bored with my normal lists, and I was having a ton of trouble finding miniatures to do the unit justice. Decent wolves are hard to find, and with me working on Chaos Space Marines and trying to get test stuff done for Empire, sculpting Ogre-sized wolves sounds terrible.

Then Zach Shelley (of the Twin Cities group Lords of War) posted something about Rackham Confrontation wolfen via Twitter. If you don't know Zach, he's an awesome chap. Buy him a beer at the next event you're at with him and he'll love you forever. Or something.

Anyway, wolfen. I remember a local fellow named Jake Bromley once did an awesome Chaos Ogre unit using Confrontation wolfen and I checked out the miniatures. Liking what I saw, I shamelessly stole the idea and implemented it myself!

Here are some of the WiP shots so far:

Musician came premade. He's the wolfen version of the bellower--howlin' at that moon yo!
Pretty sure he just stole this off of some dumbass marauder. "Mine bitch!"   
I got nothing here. Can only be so witty.

Why does everyone need to put their hand to the ground?

I've had to do some minor conversion work to get them to look right. Nearly all of the weapons needed a swap (their weapons either did not look like great weapons or the shafts of the axes were stupidly weedy). Plus, I has to had a standard to one of them.

Here's the MVP of my tools during this process:

Seriously, the amount of drilling that needed to happen in order to make sure all of these shafts stuck together was insane, not to mention pins in joints, feet, and torsos. Bleh

One thing that I did not realize when purchasing these models is that one of them was WAY bigger than the others. Seriously, this fucker right here.

Okay, not so bad...
Holy fuck. Need to do better Google Image searching for size comparisons in the future.

What a massive mother-fucker. So he looks a little (lot) off in the unit, honestly, and I don't have time before Blood in the Sun to figure out another model, so in he stays. I usually like size diversity among my units (as that's way more realistic), but this is even a little drastic. Whoops. After BitS, I'll maybe use him as a Daemon Prince. He's sized about right--just need him on a 50mm base!

So far, the unit looks pretty dope to me. I'll spend some of the weekend painting them and hopefully will have a finished product post for y'all next week before BitS.

And for those wondering how the unit will look game-wise, it's a 4-pack of Chaos Ogres with great weapons, standard/musician, and Mark of Slaanesh. While Nurgle is better for the combat stuff, I hate panic checks more than anything in the world. So there. I'll be looking to debut them at BitS, since there's a scenario that requires a semi-hardy unit to take a watch tower. We'll see what they can do!

Anyway, suck my balls folks.
-Mikey G


Unknown said...

That's one big ass pooch! Really cool idea though. Looking forward to seeing them painted!

Nabroleon said...

Crazy big. He's borderline Giant-sized if he were to stand up straight!

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Nice conversions! Love the Wolf-Ogre idea. I got around a similar problem with alternative DoC figures by lifting the bases on the smaller figures in the unit about an inch with epoxy putty. Gives you a Champion that is larger, but does not quite tower over the rest as badly, as the bases make op for the size difference a bit.

Ryan said...

Not going to lie - if done well this will be a very nice addition to your army. The wolf idea is one that I have been trying to get done for an army for awhile and just haven't found the time. I've got ellyrian reaver conversions halfway done, unit fillers and two units of HE archers but refocused on Dwarves now. Love to see you adding a "FUN" unit to your army.

A little disappointed they're Slaanesh, are you planning on doing anything unique to make them stand out as slaanesh or just painting the banner?

Ryan said...

Also not sure where you got your models, but this is where I was looking at which would fit best in my HE army.

Nabroleon said...

Is there a better mark than Slaanesh?? :D I'm becoming convinced that it's the best mark in the book!

I typically add symbols to the top of whatever banner the unit is carrying if the unit can be marked--we'll see if I have time for that. I'm not usually into making every model in the unit look like a certain mark, as I may want to change it later. These wolfen were too expensive to make multiple units depending on which mark I want to use :D.

I'm excited to try them out. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will be terrible in game (I've done the math--5 dark riders on a flank charge beat them!), but they're at least different than the usual stuff I throw on the table!

Ryan said...

I'm not saying there is a better mark than Slaanesh, it's just boring! I'm immune to the psychology phase....pbbt Give me frenzy and or hard to hit or ward saves!!

Anxious to see your post with them painted up and how they did in your games.

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