Friday, June 20, 2014

How to get a perfect spider web effect

Check out how I did these sweet spider threads!

Just follow these simple steps!

1. Prime your models in the garage.
2. Leave your models in the garage overnight.
3. While you are sleeping an actual spider will come out and cover one your figs with spiderwebs!
4. Don't notice the next day and flip all your models on their backs to prime their asses proper
5. Boom! Sweet spidy silk.

Sadly, I could not entice this little Michaelangelo to continue its fine work on any other models so far, but I'm trying.


Stygianheart said...

Hah..! Funny and looks quite good too :D

Unknown said...

If you can get that mini bastard to do the same thing on the rest of your fiends ... you, sir, are the spider lord!!! Very cool!

Ryan said...

Has this spider made you consider trying a more "permanent" spider web effect? You might be able to get it done using some threads and or that sticky stuff peops using in big maws

Rogers said...

Not for the demons at all, but I am sorta interested in trying the effect on a different project.

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