Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guest Bastard Chad "Damned glad to meet ya" Hanson

Rogers here, just spreading the word on a mighty fine display board one of our least favorite members of the Barroom Heroes put together. Check this sucker out!

Here's Chad:

My favorite part of making an army is making the display board.  So when I starting thinking about starting my Chaos Warriors I immediately started to think about a display board.  One of the pictures that I kept seeing while looking at Chaos pictures was floating rocks with towers built on them.   This caused me to base my Warriors on cork board and painted like rocks.  So now I had to make a giant floating rock that would hold my army.

I have made several display boards in the past and my biggest advice is make it no bigger than 24” by 24”.  Any bigger then it’s hard to transport in your car.  It is also hard to store next to the table during a tournament game, thus defeating the purpose that the display board is meant to carry your army from one table top to the next.

I built this right before Adepticon for a 1000 point tournament, but I knew I was going to eventually have it hold a 2400 point army. I proxied my 2400 point list and placed it on a 24” by 24” piece of cardboard.  I then drew on it so I could get an idea of how small I could get away with making it.  When in doubt make it a bit on the larger size.

Now that I had the size, I cut insulation foam to a little larger than the rough size.  I then glued them and waited overnight to let it dry.  This is the first time I have tried using a Hacksaw to cut the foam and I now need to buy one for myself because it worked really well.

After I got the foam to the general shape I wanted, I started slashing at it with a steak knife.  Making slashes in an X shape around the foam I was then able to tear the foam away making it look like a rock face.

One problem that I had at this point was you could still easily see the layers of foam that I used.  To hide this I need to cover it with Plaster of Paris.  I used Plaster in the past and the two biggest problems with it can chip really easy, and when it does, the white plaster underneath seems to shine through.  What I tried on this mixing the Plaster a little differently.  I mixed in a 1/3 white glue, 1/3 Black paint, and 1/3 water to the Plaster mix.  This seemed to strengthen the plaster and even if it chips now, the plaster is now a dark grey instead of white.

Using my hand as the trough, I grabbed a handful of plaster and rubbed it all over the foam.  Using my fingers, I pushed the plaster deep inside the cracks.  I put enough plaster on to cover the cracks but not too much where it will add a lot of weight.

To make the display look like it’s floating around, I got really lucky and found a clear fiberglass rod and base that originally displayed necklaces at my local gaming store.  I cut it down to a size that worked and drilled a hole on the bottom and shoved that rod into the tight hole.  Then applied some glue to make sure it wouldn’t pop out.

On the top I glued a MDF board to the top, though now in hind sight I guess I really didn’t need it.  I was going to apply cork board to the top anyways and that would have protected the foam.  Anyways, I used my new Dremil saw and cut out a Khorne Symbol out of MDF and glued it to the center of my display.

I was originally going to cover the top with cork board with no gaps but didn’t have enough cork to do that.  So I started to rip up the cork into good size chunks.  I glued the cork down and filled the gaps with more glue and sand. 

I then added some tacks to the Khorne Symbol to make it look more metal.  More details the better.

Once everything dried, I got to use my new toy, my airbrush.  I’ve heard airbrushes were good for terrain, but this worked great.  I was really impressed how it was able to darken the cracks. But still brighten the bright areas.

I still wanted some more details on the bottom so I added some spikes on the bottom and used some chains so they would dangle giving a more evil look.

I ended up getting best display at the “How You Use It” evening tournament with this display.  Thanks to all who voted for me.


PsychosisPC said...

Chad learns everything the hard way, "no bigger than 24x24", while most all of them are cool, you need a cargo van to transport them and then roll around on casters. Cool piece.

Ryan said...

Saw this and really thought it turned out great. Looking forward to seeing the entire army fit on it. The 1k seemed to fill it up pretty well.

Unknown said...

As a Chaos player and Khorne fanboy myself ... this is AWESOME!!!

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