Monday, June 16, 2014

A Copy-Cat Product Review--Mold Line Removal

Hey y'all muthafuckas,

This time Imma do something a little goofy. Rather than come up with my own content, I'm going to shamelessly steal it from not only another blog post, but a blog post from this very blog. 

So about a year ago, Domus put up this article: You should check it out once you're done reading mine, as he's cooler than I am.

Anyway, in this article, Domus picks up one of these:

And seemingly, finds it to be legit. While he did not write his initial reaction in the post, I imagine "By Odin's beautiful beard!" were the first words he uttered upon using the tool, such was his joy.

Now as an upstart whipper-snapper and general asshole of the hobby world, I scoffed at the idea. My file-set and knife do just fine against mold lines, I thought. And so I continued my life, dying a little on the inside every time I bought something and had to remove mold lines (as is the norm for gamer-life). All was well in my world.

Then one day, I was in the hobby shop goofing off, pretending to hobby while the other SkullBros played games, and I saw this tool on the shelves. Seeing as how I hadn't bought anything from the shop in a spell and I wanted something a bit on the cheaper end for my monthly purchase, I picked it up on a whim.

I wanted to test it out right away. I had a bunch of old-school Chaos Space Marine models around me that I was supposed to be hobbying on, so I whipped the tool out and went to work on some missed mold lines.

I believe the first words I said were: "Sweet, salty nutsack."

It scrapes away mold lines remarkably well without doing (much) damage to the detail. I say "much" because it's possible to damage the model if you go at it pretty hard, but if you're even marginally careful, it shouldn't be an issue. Compared to a file or a knife, it's WAY safer for the model you're working on. Moreover, the tip of the scraper can get into places that a knife couldn't dream of (very useful when you're doing the mold lines between limbs or around folds in robes).

Much like Domus, I'm no GW fanboy. But this thing is baller as fuck. If you're like me and you hate mold-line removal, consider picking this one up. Removing mold lines will still be tedious as hell, but it'll be a lot easier and take a bit less time.

That's all. Still pluggin' away on my Wolf-Ogres for next weekend--I'll toss up a post before I head out. Thanks for reading!

Suck my sweet, salty nutsack all,
-Mikey "People's Champ" G


Domus said...

I believe "Great Odins Raven" was my exclamation of delight!

Scherdy said...

Is it for all materials? Does it do just as well on metal, pvc plastic, resin? Would love to know what your experiences are on all types of materials.


Nabroleon said...

Great question!

I've worked with metal and plastic so far and it's great for either.

I just dug out a finecast model and it worked fine there too. As always, you'll need to be more careful with finecast (and some more brittle resins) whenever you're working with them. I would say with finecast, it's still better than blades, but it's a different level of careful. Knives usually won't "break" resin pieces, but they very well may cut the shit out of them; whereas this tool, using a scraping motion, may break things more often than the knife, but doesn't seem to leave much for marks.

Not that breaking pieces off of a finecast model requires much--I just snapped the feather off of Wulfhart's cap by grazing it with my finger.

As for Forgeworld resins and the like (which, if I remember correctly, tend to be a bit different than finecast), I couldn't tell you. I don't have any forgeworld stuff with mold lines at the moment. But I imagine it'll work fine. If it can deal with Finecrap, it can probs manage similar stuff.

Overall, seems to work great no matter the material. Just be aware of what you're doing and you'll be fine.


Nabroleon said...


You're my boy Blue! You're my boy!


Hinge said...

Great article, though I am perplexed by this notion that you are "suppose to be hobbying on Chaos Space Marines" I assume you meant Chaos Warriors or some other square based model

Rushputin said...

If you're not using a seam scraper, you're probably doing it wrong.

That said: I _vastly_ prefer Micromark's (,7547.html) to GW's; I'm not sure if that's because I've used it much longer and am more used to it, though.

Ryan said...

With you and Domus recommending I will be picking one of these up next time in the shop. I have a lot of dwarves to do once prep for Rockwars is done...

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