Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spicing Up the Movement Trays

I've been working on the first Orctonnian movement tray, and had a few thoughts to share on how to really spice these things up.
I wanted to stick to my existing style of building these using balsa wood. They're sturdy enough to put up with a lot of use, and I have the magneting strategy all figured out so they're very functional as well. Also, regarding functional use, you can build them in sections, stick a sheet of metal under the whole lot of them, and it's easy to remove parts of them during games as models keel over.

What I wasn't happy with was that they always seemed a bit boring. It's my own fault, as all I'd do was glue some gravel and rocks to them, paint them up, and call 'em done.
Not so with this latest one. I went at it exactly as I did the bases on the miniatures themselves. I put all the models on the tray, and marked the spots that needed to stay low due to a model overhanging the move tray. Then I used ApoxieSculpt to build up all the other areas. I pushed cork and bigger rocks into the ApoxieSculpt, along with pieces of previously made and busted apart ApoxieSculpt sheets.
I then painted it up to match my model bases. From there, I went to town with the finishing touches. Normal green static grass, drybrushed yellow once dry. Tall grass tufts, to mix it up a bit. Lastly, I glued down a bunch of leaves.

The end result is really solid. It's interesting to look at, will complement the bases of the models perfectly, and will still be very durable and functional.

This army is the first time I've messed around with multiple types of basing extras (grass of two types, and leaves). I'm really happy with the variety that the combo adds to the bases, and will definitely continue to play around with different things.


Ryan said...

What is the thickness on the wood you use as the base of your movement trays? Thinking I'm going to try and build my bases similar to the way you have here for my new army. Previously I was just gluing balsa wood strips around the edges of sheet metal, but the superglue keeps breaking of so I have to fix. The wood would hold much better.

Randroid said...

Looking good! I prefer my trays to be invisible but I always like the look of more decorated ones.

Totally unrelated to this post but I have given your blog a Liebster award.

Feel free to change the questions as you see fit if you choose to participate. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Johnny Hastings said...

Hey Ryan, The edges are sized 5mm x 10mm, which is also about 3/16" x 3x8".

Thanks Randroider, I'll check that award stuff out now.

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