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Saim-Hann Eldar Return - Combat Patrol

Saim-Hann Eldar

This post will show all the new models I have completed for my Saim-Hann Eldar and go through a run down of my 4 Combat Patrol games and how I performed in my first 40k event.

Adepticon was fast approaching and I decided to sign up for a 40K Combat Patrol tournament on Thursday evening back in September.  Considering what I had painted (see prior post) it was difficult to make a decent list.  Of course I, as any hobbyist is known to do, procrastinated.  So began a whirlwind of painting started 2 weeks before Adepticon to get 400 points of Eldar ready to go.

I had practiced using the airbrush on the Vyper and some terrain and felt comfortable enough to use it on some smaller models, the jetbikes.  My list consisted of 2 units of 3 Jetbikes each with a Shuriken Cannon.  Here are a few pictures of them during the Airbrushing process.  It was key to have them unassembled during this stage.

Careful Masking helped at this stage

The Jetbikes were a ton of fun to do and although it took longer than I expected due to assembly, transfers, gems, and then the riders I think they turned out really well.  One conversion that I did was replace the heads of the riders.  Not an easy task as the heads were attached to the torsos.  I first chopped the heads off at the mouth grill then drilled away the neck before using a hobby knife to carve out a proper area for some Guardian heads.  The next step was to glue pieces from the Wraithguard kit to the back of the helmets and then greenstuff the join for additional support and to smooth out the lines formed.

 Jetbikes are not allowed to take a power weapon, but for Combat Patrol the guy with the sword acted as my Warlord.  This was a conversion piece from the Dire Avenger kit.

Next up with the airbrush was the Wave Serpent.  This piece I put together in several parts and magnetized in several places as well.  In the future I will likely continue to use the Scatter Laser (it's amazing) but just in case I can always swap out for some of the other weapons.  The hull and the bottom were both primed in their base color (red and black respectively) and then airbrushed separately.  Again, the airbrush helped with the large flat areas, but the details on this guy still ended up taking a considerable amount of time.

The Vyper was already finished so all that remained were the dire avengers.  Again, pieces were primed separately: body in red, head in white.  Lots of details on the dire avengers.  I would like to go back and add some freehand black stripes to the waist fabric, but will have to get back to it later.

My Combat Patrol List:
5 Dire Avengers
3 Jetbikes +Shuriken Cannon
3 Jetbikes +Shuriken Cannon
1 Vyper +Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
1 Wave Serpent +TL Scatter Laser, Holo-Fields

I only got 3 practice games in with this list and each game was the 1st-3rd games with Jetbikes and the Wave Serpent respectively and man they are fast!  Thanks to the guys at FND for the warm-ups.

Don't ask me what the black thing is.  I saw an Eldar pic on the web and it had something that looked like this in the background.

It turns out this is a pretty good list at 400 points.  3 troops choices and a ton of S6-7 shots.  I also had another Eldar guy say: "At least I didn't bring a Wave Serpent".  They're seriously stupid good.

Combat Patrol had 2 Major objectives each worth 12 and then 3 minor each worth 2 points for a total of 30.

Game 1 Tod who is a member of the Goff Rockas a Heavy Metal band that gets really Orky!  He even sent me home with two of their CD's!!  This guy got my best opponent vote.

ORKS: Big Mek, 12 Boyz with Nob, 12 Boyz with Nob, 2 Killer Kans

Not much to say about this game other than his first shots on my wave serpent and vyper missed and after that the killer kans, mek and boyz got gunned down mercilessly.  Max Points 30

Game 2 I don't remember his name but he was a very young guy.  I had purchased two beers at the bar to give to my second round opponent but was FORCED to drink them both myself as he was underage.

ORKS: Big Mek, Deff Dread, 10 Gretchin, 10 Gretchin, 3 Killa Kans

Another game against orks and another big win.  The assault move with the jetbikes really paid off here as I was able to jump out shoot, and then jump back behind cover taking no retribution.  The young lad had a tough time hitting and when he did I passed my jink saves.  Max Points 30

Game 3  David - again with the orky goodness, but he went with 3 big S8 cannons which messed me up

ORKS: 16 orks with Nob, 16 orks with Nob, Big Guns(3), Big Guns(3)

David got first turn and put two glancing hits and 1 pen on my wave serpent but I hit the 5+ night fight cover save on the pen.  I knew those cannons had to go down and I unleashed everything into one unit and did nothing.  They had a 3+ armor save and T7, none of my high S shots had much for AP so they shrugged it off.  At this point I knew I was doomed so played for a draw.  Unfortunately he got my wave serpent and my vyper which meant he won the other major and got first blood. I went for the ork units to try to bring it back, but he kept going to ground in area terrain for 3+ cover saves (*found out later they're fearless with 12+ dudes and can't do that)  Loss: 8 points total

Game 4 Gerald

You guessed it ORKS: 9 Lootas with  a Mek, 11 Ork Boyz in a Trukk, Dakkajet

This game went much the same as the first two with me mowing down Lootas early.  However my opponent called WAAAGH! (first time in all 4 games this happened).  I asked him what it did and he said it doubled his Dakkajets rate of fire which was 9!  18 twinlinked shots later and my wave serpent was a pile of...whatever they're made out of (wraithbone?).  In the end the Jet did its thing while I took the objectives.  28/30 for me as he got first blood.

All in all a great event and one that I would gladly do again.  I ended up getting second most votes for best painted and finishing in 3rd place overall.  Which meant I got awhole lot of nothing.  Then again I went in thinking I would go 1-3 so all in all a success!!


Anything But Ones said...

That is really good airbrushing work. Totally changed the way I work on my models now as it helped speed up the process and the layers and blends are beautiful

Ryan said...

Thanks Raymond - really helps a ton to get shading right on big flat surfaces. Would be impossible for me and would likely take Johnny about 72 hours to blend.

Unknown said...

That red is beautiful. I really like the Dire Avengers in red, really suits them and makes a change from the near-omnipresent blue scheme!

Anyway, I'm here to inform you that this blog has been nominated for the Liebster Awards! For more information, follow this link:

I look forward to seeing more of your work :)



Unknown said...

Really nicely painted force. Looked like fun to paint and play

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