Saturday, April 26, 2014

Orctonnian Orcs of the Realm Regiment Conversion

I've finished the conversion work on the first complete regiment of Orctonnian Orcs of the Realm.
That's 12 total, with a full command!

The more of these guys that I did, the more interesting I made the caparisons. That's one of the fun ways that a project improves as you work on it.

Here's the standard bearer. I was just starting to make the caparison a bit more exciting from the super flat ones the first 5 guys had when I did this fella.

Here's the champ. I altered his helmet to give him the full face mask. Usually I leave the faces exposed on these guys, since orc faces are pretty kewl; in this case I wanted him to stand out from the others.

Here's the musician. Note the fancy cloth wrap on his helmet. Also, the caparison is much more elaborate than the other two were.

The rest of these guys are rank and file.

This one had to be positioned weird on the base in order to get him to rank up in the middle of the unit. It made for a really interesting caparison though.

By the time I did this guy I was working on some crazy stuff with the caparisons. It was fun to experiment with sculpting flowing cloth. He's set back on the base pretty far as he goes in the back of the regiment.

Here's the last guy. He also goes in the back. His arm had to be altered so that he'd rank up right. I also got fancy with the helmet on him. I was feeling pretty good about doing flowing cloth when I got to him!

That's the unit! The main challenge here was getting them to rank up properly. What a hassle! That's why I stopped doing them one at a time, and decided to do the rest of the block at once.

In the first pic above (at the top) you'll notice the first model I did (he was the army proof of concept model) is in the back right corner of the regiment. He's the one in purple and yellow. I had to break his hand off, add a proper full lance (he only had the front part originally), and then reposition the hand so that he'd rank up correctly.

So far I've been able to keep every orc's helmet adornment unique. I'm about out of new ones though, so it's a good thing the unit is complete

Next up is to add the base gravel, then prime them. After that I'll finally get back to painting (one at a time of coarse)!


Paint, Pencils & Plastics said...

This was a great idea and you pulled it off exceptionally! Well done sir! /applause

Jessica Grant said...

a genius level of madness! looking forward to seeing the finished pics of their livery =)

Erik said...

Its looking really grate! well done!

Anonymous said...

I've been coming on and off to this blogg just because of those Orctonnians. Awesome to see that they've gotten this far now. Cant wait to see the final result of this troop.

Ryan said...

Excellent work Johnny! I foresee a 1K list eventually teaming up with the Rodge and his wood elves. Perhaps a team tournament build of all cav models!

Unknown said...

Very cool idea and really well executed! Can't wait to see the rest of "da boyz" all painted up!

Unknown said...

Fantastic to see how much effort you go to. The WIP pics really show just how much time it takes to get to this point. Keep up the good work

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