Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Warhammer Quest - 3D

Warhammer Quest - not the IPAD verison, but the tabletop version is an amazingly fun game.  I was introduced to this game in September of 2013 and it has since become a huge project to create this game for my own gaming use.

After seeing how much this game went for on EBay for a handful of old mono-pose models and some cardboard I (with the help of my good friend Jake for the PDF) went about creating my own Warhammer Quest.  I was not the first to have this idea to build a 3D version nor will I likely be the last, but I thought I would share where a lot of time has gone in the past few months.

This is an update to the progress of this project.

A picture of some friends playing the base game (2 separate dungeons going on at once)
Once it was determined that I wanted to own this game, I decided that creating my own boards and buying current or old GW models to fit was the way to go.  The new models look more dynamic, I could customize the characters and it would make the game look quite a bit better.  However, the cost associated quickly reached levels above that of the base game.
The first purchases were the molds from I then purchased the dental stone used to cast the resin blocks and began casting
The mold on the top is used to create the 1" tiles
The mold on the bottom is made up of basic blocks
I started molding and then took a count of the # of tiles I would need for the base game.  It was over 300 so with roughly 20 minutes in between casts I still haven't quite finished all the tiles I need but I did enough to get started and that is exactly what I did.

Each mold did 10 tiles - progress
I just began lining up the tiles and once I had a good amount started to build the actual boards for the game.  When using dental plaster it has the potential to be sharp if something chips or breaks so I needed a base to glue the tiles to and use as a buffer for kitchen tables.  I chose MDF hardboard cutting each piece to fit.  However, I did cut each board a little smaller than needed so the tiles would hang over the edge a bit.
Originally I purchased sheets of thin corkboard to glue to the bottom of the MDF board, but this proved unnecessary as the MDF was sufficient to prevent any scratching.
A picture of the halls and dungeon rooms
The first group I created were the halls, T-junctions, corner and dungeon rooms.  Each dungeon room would later get accessories to make them unique and differentiate between them.  In the game each specific dungeon room (well of doom, guard room, etc.) does nothing different (that I have encountered) in the game than the others.  However, in some of the RPG preset dungeons they have special rules so just in case.
Circle of Power

Well of Doom

Monster's Lair
Dungeon Cell
 Guard Room
Torture Chamber
These were a bit tricky because I wanted to get the correct feel of each room without making it impossible to get a model to stand on each square.  This is why accessories are positioned in the corners or directly in the middle (chains).  This way the models can still be placed in each square.
Next up was(is) the objective rooms.  I have completed two at the moment with the remaining 3 (or 5 if I do the expansions) to go.
The objective rooms took a little more planning as many of them had multiple levels, statues, etc.  This is where I began to use the basic blocks to add height.
Here you can see a foam insert I used to save weight and blocks
 Idol Chamber

Tomb Chamber
I have since added a fire pit (thanks Kuzmanoff) to the Idol chamber.  The end results look really cool on the table top even without paint!  Of course that will be the next step in the process for the dungeon tiles and objective rooms.
The only piece remaining that I needed to play the game were the base set models.  This took some searching and some trades but I managed to get the models and a cool basing scheme.
The basing scheme I used plasticard cutting it in angled directions to represent cracks and then shaved sides to show that each tile had taken damage.
Model Bases
A look at the model's needed for the base game
Rats, Spiders, Bats, Orcs, Goblins, Skaven, Minotaurs.  These were the models I needed for the base game.  I have already purchased many more models as once you've gone through your first dungeon the game allows for a much wider variety of monsters to fight including ogres, trolls, dark elves, and even the dreaded Warriors of Chaos (ran me out of a dungeon just the other week).
The next step will be accumulating all of the power level 1 table of monsters and then moving on to painting up the tiles and the models.  Of course I have to find time to prep for Adepticon and other upcoming tournaments.
Hope you have enjoyed and I look forward to bringing more updates in the future.


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Really cool! Your model bases give me a really good idea for a Mordheim warband as well.

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That's awesome! I think I'm going to have to do something like this for myself...

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Excellent recreation of excellent game.

Unknown said...

I had fun playing this game. Ryan makes it fun, I think I will like it better next time as I understand the game better now and it will be more fun if Ryan doesn't roll so many 1's!

Unknown said...

This is super cool - I used to play this game all the time... it would be really fun to play it again. Dunno if I could put this much work into recreating the game, but you've made it look like a fun project. Looking forward to seeing it painted up.

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That is amazing!

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