Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dwarf Miners (The Second 5)

I've finally gotten around to finishing the Miners I started way back when. They're called 'The Second 5' because the first lost was called 'The First 5'. The first lads were finished just over a year ago, lol. The First 5 Blog Post

These guys were done as a side project, to keep me painting while I work on ton of conversions.
As you can see, they're all old-school metal models;even the old beer swilling guy is present! I really dig the scuplts. They're so full of Dwarf flavor!

One thing I don't miss is dealing with metal models. Despite my initial reservations to go to plastics, I'm fully on board at this point.

These fellas are painted to match the rest of my Dwarf army. Sadly there wasn't much place to add the little purple details I usually do, but oh well. They'll still fit the force just fine.
I kinda like the Goblin Green base sides. It really took me back to when I first got into the hobby to paint some of that.

That's it for now. Who knows what I'll get up to next...


SpaceCowboy said...

They sure look nice, especially on the green retro style bases. Really love the character the old models have, do you think the old and new model mix well? I think the proportions of the heads especially is very different.

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks! The old models have the big noses, a very different style of beards, and just an overall different feeling from the new. The new ones have less extra bits to distinguish them (pouches and extra effects sculpted on), and the sculpts look crisper. Due to those reasons, they don't really mix well. That said though, the common paint scheme and the fact that they all have miner picks goes a long way to adding some cohesiveness to them all.

Unknown said...

Hey Johnny, if you could totally restart your Dwarves, would you be more content with having nothing but plastic, or would you feel more connection with all-metal guys?

Ryan said...

It's sweet to see some Dwarfs! Will the Dwarfs be making any tournament appearances in the future?

Johnny Hastings said...

Adam: I like the metal models for the variety and the flavor they add. I'd do a mix of models if I restarted.

Ryan: No dwarf appearances planned, other than at Rodge Podge.

Ryan said...

That's a bummer haha. I can't say I'm super excited to see my Dwarfs on the table any time soon though either. They are a damn boring army especially since guess range went away in 8th, though I don't really know how the army changed with the new book.

I'm going to have to try and make the short drive over to Quake City this summer.

Baconfat said...

Beautiful dwarves. The flames are great.

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