Monday, March 3, 2014

Chaos Dwarf Display Board on the Quick

In preparation for Waaaghpaca I had a few friends in need of display boards for their armies.  Given I had a lot of painting to completed on my army I only had 1 day to knock out a few display boards.  First up is a simple board for Andy's Chaos Dwarf army.

I used a 3/4" piece of foam that I cut in half.  Using painters tape on the back side I made a hinge so the board could fold up.  Next I printed out a Chaos symbol that I got from the Internet.  I taped it down to the board.  


Next I used a sharp sculpting tool to poke the patter into the foam.  BTW - this is the same technique to carve pumpkins.  

I then connected the punch marks with a pen.

I used a Hot Wire Foam Factory tool to carve in the symbol.

This is what the finished symbol looked like.

Here is the boar with a couple of hills int he corners to position the obligatory war machines.

Next I covered the board in sand.

Finally, I based coated the board followed by a simple dry brush and voila it was done.  For added strength the board is sized to drop onto a cork board that Andy was bringing to the event.

As advertised the board folds up to fit into my suitcase.  


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