Friday, March 21, 2014

Beginner Airbrush Information

Hi all.  A friend of mine recently asked me what I am using for airbrushing and what it would take to get him started in airbrushing.  I put together a list for him and thought I would share it with the rest of ya'all.  It's in a rough format but I think you will get the idea.

** DISCLAIMER ** - I'm not an expert at this, still very new to it but learning.  This is the stuff I am using and some info / websites to get you started researching. I make no claims that it is the best.  Do NOT take this as gospel - there are lots of opinions out there.  (PS - I chose the airbrush I did based on a recommendation from Matthieu Fontaine a couple of years ago.)

My Airbrush Info

Online Airbrush stuff (*all prices are from here for reference)
(*also check Amazon & Hobby Lobby)

My Airbrush (*hobby Lobby has it + 40% off coupon) - $140
Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Airbrush Model ECL4500

My compressor
Iwata Smart Jet IS-850 Airbrush Compressor -$ 259
I bought this used from another Mag Bastard (Tom B) ages ago.  Still runs like a champ.

Airbrush I want to upgrade to...
Harder Steenbeck Infinity 2 in 1 Airbrush - $275

Iwata Table-Top Cleaning Station NAC-201 (*a must IMHO-check amazon) - $20

Nozzle cleaning needle (only found here) - $18.36 -- *MUST

Mack Airbrush Cleaning Kit - $29  -- *MUST

Rubber Gloves - Must IMHO
(trying to keep paint off of your hands is nigh impossible so dont try)

Badger 121 Paint Mixer - recommended by the Skull Bros - I mix in little plastic dixie cups..

Vallejo Surface Primer

You can use any paints but they need thinned.

Thin with Rubbing Alcohol + Water (15% alch, 85% water)

Clearn your airbrush (when all done for the day) with Rubbing Alcohol.

Buy Airbrush cleaner to add to the brush when changing colors to prevent color
bleeding.  You can also clean it with Rubbing Alcohol when switching colors.

If you have any questions feel free to post em here I will check back next week sometime.  If you have any additional tips please feel free to leave them here also.



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