Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Art Decco Warriors of Chaos Display Board

For the Warriors I opted to go with something completely original and out of the box.  Sort of a geometrical Art Decco inspired board, something completely different from any Display Board I've ever made.  I'm very happy with the final result as I got a lot of great feedback about the

First up with the positioning the units on the board to get a layout that looks nice.

I then added a few simple geometric shapes to add height and interest to the board.  All the shapes corners were rounded over to give an unnatural look.

Using apoxie sculpt I added some organic rocky formations to match the bases of the models.  I had to be careful how many I added to avoid wasting to much usable space.  You may notice the cut line down the middle of the board - this board folds up to fit in a suit case.  The center triangle piece is attached with magnets.

To prove that not all ideas work I dropped the "shark fin".

In lieu of the "shark fin" I started on the first layer of the back drop.  

I added additional layers to give the sense of geometric mountains out in the distance.

Just as the bases I painted the whole thing in black followed by many, many layers of Gloss Medium to give it a high polished shine.  Here is the finished board.


Rogers said...

I like this board a ton! I'm getting a lil tired of all the flocked squares out there...

Jason Traska said...

Really cool board! Fits the Slaanesh theme well.

Johan Märs said...

Lovely army and really cool display board

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