Monday, February 3, 2014

Minion Army for Sale

The time has come, Caius & I have decided to sell the Minion Army.  It served us very well but we would like to find it a new home where it will get used and loved.

The pic below is from the 2013 Adepticon Team Tournament where we used the army to represent Skaven & Chaos Dwarves.  The army could easily be used to represent either of those forces.  Caius & I were blown away by the reception this army received.  We knew folks would like it but the sheer volume of people streaming into the fantasy hall to snap pics actually proved to disrupt our games.  We were ecstactic to once again walk home with the Players Choice award.

Contents of the Army
 Let's start with an updated pic of the army.  (*we gave out quite a few minions at Adepticon, they turned out to be hot commodities.)  It's a darker pic but you will get the idea.

Model List (detailed images to follow) - All fully painted & based
5 Character Models which stand out (Fez, Ref, Doomrocket, Partyer, and Pilot)
100 Single Minions  (2 of these have standards and 4 are musicians)
4 Unit Fillers = 30 Single Minions total (Ladder, Radar Station, Drill, and Arm)
6 Warmachines
Car (used as Warp Lighting Cannon)
Spider Zoid (used as Magma Cannon)
Doomwheel (used as Doomwheel)  lol
Rocket Tower (Used as Deathshrieker)
Big Rocket (Used as Deathshrieker 2)
Smaller Mortar type weapon (used as Dreadquake Mortar)
Minion in Walker (used as Skaven Weapon team)
3 molds - 2 have seen a lot of use, 1 is new.
Original sculpts - 7 heads, 5 bodies, 7 bases (5 with feet)
That's right.  We are giving you the molds & original sculpts ensuring that you are the only person ever to own this highly customized army.

Display Base is included as well as long as we are not shipping it.  We can discuss shipping the display base for an added cost but it's big and probably won't be cheap. 

Additionally, we will be available via email to discuss mold making / casting (we used Smooth On products primarily and they have great instructional videos on their website), and paint colors used on the army.

Images (Please note that the images of the big units are from when the army was used at Adepticon.  There were a few more of the models back then than there are now but I think these tell the tale.  Detailed images of exactly what you would receive are available on request.)

Characters (Fez, Ref, Doomrocket, Partyer, and Pilot)

Units with Unit Fillers (Please note that the images of the big units are from when the army was used at Adepticon.)

Ladder Unit

Radar Station Unit

Drill Unit

Arm Unit

Car (Warp Lighting Cannon)

Spider Zoid (Magma Cannon)


 Rocket Tower ( Deathshrieker)

Big Rocket (Deathshrieker)

Mortar (Dreadquake Mortar)

Walker Minion (Skaven Weapon Team)

The sky is the limit really to how you could use this army.  Be creative!  I did make cheat sheet sfor all of our opponents so they could easily tell (based on the unit fillers) what things were and no one had any issues.  All of the minions are on square bases but with a bit of effort you could put the models on round bases.

How Much?  You ask...
At this point we are taking offers. 

Please email me at if you are interested and would like to make a reasonable offer or if you have questions. 

Keep in mind this is a completely original and highly customized army.  The paint job is not a high level paint job simply because that did not seem to fit with the comical / jovial nature of the minions.

In the case we don't receive any reasonable offers we will potentially be listing the army on Ebay.

You can reference my previous blog posts about this army by clicking here

 We really do hope this army finds a home where it will be loved and played with more regularly. 

Best Regards and Thanks for Looking!
Domus & Caius


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