Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dragon Ogres FTW!

Long time without out a post.  It turns out that having a 4 year old, contributing to 2 podcasts and a ton of painting projects limits my surplus time.  But I'm glad to say that I have rectified the situation and there is a ton of glorious content coming your way in the next few weeks.

As most of you know I've jumped on the dirty band wagon and painted up a Warriors of Chaos army for Waaaghpaca.  Early on I made a decision to keep it under wraps until the event.  In retrospect I think it wasn't necessary.  In fact it was completely the wrong decision.  Since I'm not a paint score chiseler (you know who you are!) I actually would have been better off showing my progress and showcasing my work to let folks become familiar with it.  So going forward I will not be going dark on any more projects.

For this first blog entry its fitting that we start with the unit that sold me on the army in the first place, the sexy Dragon Ogre models.  Over the last few months I've collected a lot of work in progress pix so lets get rolling.

For the models I took the stock Dragon Ogre models an built them out of the box with Great Weapons.  Momma always said if it ain't broke don't fix it!  I did however magnetize the weapon arms just in case I change my mind down the road (who knows what 9th edition has in store!).  So here is my very first pic of the unit.  Thanks to Alex for inspiring me to go 2 x 2 with the unit.  It looks cool on the tabletop and worked great in the right match ups (this did not include getting flanked by a large block of Chosen).

For the bases I did something I've never done before , build all the bases from scratch.  Starting with MDF bases from Sarissa-Precision I sculpted organic rock formations using apoxie sculpt.  I did my best to spread design elements across multiple bases to make the unit look like one massive base.  This is the Dragon Ogre bases after the first of many layers of putty.  The bases took a really long time but I really enjoyed the experience.

With the first few layers of putty on the base I mounted the models to the bases with brass rod.  This allowed me to make for very dynamic poses.  I then continued to add more layers of putty to secure the mounting even further.

Now it was on to the fun part - painting.  To be honest I was a bit apprehensive to paint this army as as I decided to go all in on the paint job and paint it to the best of my ability.  For the project I decided to go with a very muted, cool color pallet.  This got me out of my comfort zone of bronze, brass, red and orange!  I got to work with a ton of new colors and it was a very enjoyable experience.  For paints I decided to dive in and try Reaper paints.  After painting this army I don't think I will every go back to the Vallejo Game and Model colors.  Look for a full review of the Reaper paints in the future.

First to be hit by the brush was the dragon hide.  For this I used the reaper triad of muted purples including Nightshade, Imperial and Amethyst Purple.  Dragon hides were painted with a series of dry brushes and over brushes with a heavy wash of Druchi Violet.  I'm really happy with the result, though I wish the process was a bit faster.


Next up was the skin.  For this I used a really cool (pun attended) triad called Dusky Skin.  Given the size of the model I really enjoyed painting the skin as it gave me a nice canvas to develop my layering techniques even further.  I was really happy with the end result as the skin and hide go really well together.  

Next us was the spines, horns and claws.  Ironically, these little buggers took a tremendous amount of effort but I'm glad I was reward with how they turned out.  For these I used another Reaper triad that included Midnight Blue, Twilight Blue and Snow Shadow.  I also mixed pure white into upper highlights.  Here again I was happy with the results and thought the 3 colors applied so far really worked together.


With the bulk of the models painted the last big ticket item was the armor and weapons.  Here again I used a Reaper triad which included Shadowed Steel, Honed Steel and Polished Silver.  I also relied heavily on a 50/50 wash of Nuln Oil and Druchi Violet.  I found that by adding the violet into the mix changed the hew of the armor ever so slightly making it blend in better with the rest of the paint.

I should also mention the gold was painted with a triad of Ancient Bronze, Antique Gold and New Gold.  It was also at this point that I tried out two new products from Model Mates.  Specifically I used their Ruse Effect and Verdigris Blue productions.

After a very time consuming effort to get this stuff shipped to me across the pond I started to play with it on a test model.  After playing with it all I can say is that they are brilliant and can't wait for a project that I can max out the potential of these products.  I will have a separate blog post on the products but one word of warning is that you have to varnish the paint BEFORE applying the effects.  The effects are alcohol based, water soluble and an absolute dream to use.  Look for a full review in the very near future.

I sparingly applied rust effects on all bolts and spikes (applied thick and removed excess with a wet cotton swab).  All the gold and brass got a heavy dose of the Verdigris effect applied exactly as the rust effect. Dead simple to use which is nice feature in a product.


Finally I finished the paint job with pink on the weapon grips and some bone for the skulls.  

Last but not least was the controversial decision to go with high gloss onyx bases.  I went this rout intentionally avoid all the cliche bases typically seen with a Warriors army (lava, snow, etc).  For me it was an inspired choice that really adds a nice frame around the muted color pallet of the model and the high gloss make the model pop off the base.  Thanks to some of the great feedback I will definitely be adding gloss to the movement tray as well as it sits currently matte black which is a bit distracting.

Here are the finished pix.  Be gentle as I'm not much of a photographer.

Well that's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed this step by step painting post and if you have any feedback please share it.  In the next post I will be going over the crowd (and mine) favorite Skull Crushers!


Dennis G said...

I have been using the Rust Effect quite a bit on my new stuff also. Fun product.

Mr Saturday said...

Great job. I kind of love the bases, they seem so... delicious. The contrast between the gnarly dragon ogres and the smooth gloss bases are really quite eye catching.

Harry Major said...

How did you paint the bases? Or rather what did you use? The effect is fantastic!

retroalias said...

Thanks for the feedback! The bases were painted black, washed with purple and blue GW washes and finally the whole thing was given multiple coats of gloss medium (available at any art supply store).

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