Thursday, January 30, 2014


THE FIRST - Disciple of Kurnous

This year I knew I was going to be bringing a tired army.   It's been used and abused and although I have a new model in my army list this year (frostheart) the rest of the army was used and abused.  It still looked good on the table and cohesive there were no breaks or bends and I was bringing 3 monsters.  However, paint would play a big factor and I wanted to get those vote points and so with a competitive nudge from Jake Murphy (thanks) I went forward with a new conversion for my Man of Intrigue - the first finished model in my new High Elf Army - Disciples of Kurnous

The Model began as one of the new Wrath of Kings Goritisi models.  The model is called a Skorza skirmisher and I picked up two of these bad boys at Adepticon for the sole purpose to convert them into unit fillers in my White Lions.  So they needed axes not weird sword/blade/hand weapons whatever they are.
Axe 1

Axe 2
 Thus began my first attempts to sculpt my own weapons.  Following a couple tutorials online I picked up some plasticard drew my design (trying to get about 2.5x the size since that is how big these wolves are compared to a high elf). 

The bad boys in progress
Next I used some brass rod and my drill to get the appropriately sized shaft...ya.  Once completed I was able to superglue the axe blades to the brass.  At this point the brass wasn't glued into the hands and could slide out easily for additional conversion work.

WIP - most of this would change
Here you can see my attempts to green stuff the metal fluctuations as they appear on the GW sculpted white lion axe.  They turned out pretty decent, but pretty decent wasn't good enough.  In the end both of the sculpted pieces of the axe were sliced right back off.  On the beast you can see that I removed all of the chains and sculpted back the hair.
Since the first attempt didn't work I had to come up with something else.  I chose to break up and use parts of a white lion musician's horn.  In the next picture you can see the top of the axe and the bottom of the axe are from that piece (bottom part is tough to see).

We're getting closer
At this stage you can see the base that I put together using Apoxiesculpt and the Lion ruins from the White lion kit.  This will serve three purposes: 1. It gives him a more menacing pose walking up the rock roaring 2. Gives the basing more details for additional emphasis 3. It raises him and his axe above the heads of the white lions he will eventually be standing next to.
In this picture you can see that I greenstuff filled across the gap in the axe blade.  I then used two pieces from some high elf kit that I don't even remember right now to add additional detail and gems.  Why not right?  This is after all "high elf" and what true elf would use a dull unadorned blade?

Look at those rippling muscles

A WIP paint shot...Two pieces, so much easier

The base nearing completion
For the basing I used the new technical paint for verdigris.  I know elves would never let this happen to their weapons or armor, but when they get busy fighting all the enemies of the world (Druchii, Daemons, Chaos, Skaven, Vampires, etc.) they don't always have time to oil and wash down their statues.  If you want to verdigris something and haven't tried this yet, do it.  Stuff is amazing.

A final look before PACA

At WAAAGHPaca V there were 3 categories of Man of Intrigue. The first was Jokester and as this guy is no joke I couldn't enter him there.  The second was Toughest GIT and while this could be a place for him he was just too big and thus he was entered into the Big'Un category. 

And the winner is...

This was an awesome project to work on and I loved every minute of it (well except maybe the plasticard that was stressful).  I would like to thank everyone who voted for him at WaaaghPaca it was an honor to be selected as the winner as I had a hard time choosing a model to pick myself as there were a lot of amazing miniatures.

Stay tuned for more Disciples of Kurnous


Unknown said...

Congratulations! Once again you amaze me with your talents, obviously obtained from your Mother as she is the creative one. Glad to hear you had a good time at the tournament, someday I will attend another with you. Love you DAD

Ryan said...

Thanks Pops - you should plan a trip April 3-6th for Adepticon. It's the biggest tourney in the Midwest complete with Vendor hall and even 40k events.

Hayne Begley said...

Your pops should come hang out with us at BitS while you are on vacation!

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