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Waaaghpaca 2014 - Wood Elves are > Diesel

Fresh from paca, the events are still clear in my mind.  Which is absolutely amazing when you factor in large amounts of booze, small amounts of sleep, and a white-knuckle drive home in white out conditions.

Let's dial it back a bit first though.

First, the Beard.  So I was ready for the mustache comp.

So I picked up my bro Tupps Friday morning and we roll into Paca around 1:00.

 First thing we do is sit at the bar and put some bread in the jar.  And man, the people started rolling in quick.  I really felt the love as folks coming in stopped for hugs / chat and it took me about 1.5 hours to walk from the bar to the hall (roughly 40-50 feet) due to more of said stopping.

I've got to give a special shout out to Travis Winter and Atlas Games.  Travis knew I'd be playing a lot of board games but didn't have many Atlas Games. Needless to say, this bro hooked me up.  Mucho Appreciated and I can't way to try some of these.

I had a bunch of non-warhammer related stuff I wanted to do on Friday and also hoped to sneak in a game of Triumph & Treachery with my Garagehammer bros.

I managed to snag Michael Jordal, Rob Phaneuf and Chris Gibney for a quick game of Pillars of the Earth.  Very fun worker placement game.  I liked it alot!  Jordal snuck out the win!

I floated around for a bit, got my army out on display and was snagged by some handsome fellas of Club Autobreak for a round of Betrayal at House on the Hill.  I love this game and had played before so I was up to it.  Great game, Kurt Goedjen ended up the traitor and with a Might of 7 (think strength) he proved impossible to kill and knocked me out.  Jeff ended up winning the game for our side though!

Dinner, brews, socializing and was soon followed by a game of Warhammer: Triumph & Treachery.  It was me, David Witek, Chris Yu, Chad Hanson and Ronny Rastings.  Ronny Rastings ended up with his junk out more times than I can count!  I don't even remember who won but I had a lot of fun - mostly picked on Chris Yu (we have had some legendary prior matches) and really just had a great night.

Onto some Warhammer
My goal for the weekend.  Have fun.  Nothing else.  I really had 0 care about how I placed, the rules, or shenanigans.  I just wanted fun games and was hoping for a breath of new life into my Warhammer mood.

My list
Wood Elves
I brought my woodies back simply because they were going to get the highest paint score of my armies.
I brought the same exact list from 2012.  I was even so lazy I just re-forwarded the email I sent Rodge in 2012 back.  LOL

My list - 2K Woodies
Lvl 4 Sorc - Life /w Dispel Scroll
BSB - Aysendi's Bane & HoDA
12 Glade Guard - Std / Muso - Banner of Eternal Flame
11 Glade Guard - Std / Muso
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
5 Treekin
3 Treekin
6 Wild Riders with Std
Great Eagle
Great Eagle
2k exactly - no protection on mage, kinda risky but never mattered in any of my games in tourney.
Game 1
Kurt Goedjen of Club Autobreak Fame

Old Blood on Carnosaur - Lt Armor, Loping Stride, Charmed Shield, Warriors Bane
Lvl 2 skink Priest - Beasts - Scroll
Lvl 2 skink Priest - Beasts
Lvl 2 skink Priest - Beasts
Saurus Scar Vet on Cold One - Lt Armor - BSB
30 Saurus - Spears - Full Command
2 x 10 Skink Cohorts - Std / Muso
1 Bastiladon - Solar Engine
2 x Ancient Stegs with Sharpened Horns

 I was really excited to play this game as we'd become good friends being at all the same events but missed each other in the pairings!

I don't recall tons of details but here are what I do recall;
Kurt rolled lots of 4-5 dice magic phases.
I was rolling 8-10 dice phases pretty consistently.
Kurt was really bogged down by the terrain which really supported my more mobile troops.
WE Archers put 3 wounds on a Carnosaur and Dryads finished it off.  Never even bothered with the Oldblood but my 11 man archer unit held him off for 4-5 rounds of combat!!

We did have one incident that made me sad though.  He had asked me if I had any RIP spells on a low dice phase.  I don't recall hearing that but he thought I said no.  Throne of Vines was up on my mage and he coulda dispelled it.  I've always put the card behind the unit and that taught me to keep it in front of the unit.  I felt bad when it came up because my whole intention for the weekend was fun 0 issue games.  We hugged it out in the end and I think we are all good.

4/5 points for me

So the Rodge comes over the mic and announces that some bro knocked over some of the dividing panels between the urinals at paca and we all had to chip in $5 for the idiot tax.  Round 2 pairings were not getting posted until all had paid.  I don't mind paying though, the venue is so amazing and losing it would be awful. Anything to keep Paca at the alehouse!! 

Game 2
John Stentz (for the Lady!)

Arch Lector - Talisman of Preservation, Speculum
Wizard Lord - Death - Scroll
Captain - BSB - Full Plate - Enchanted Shield - Dawnstone - Other Tricksters Shard
Master Engineer
35 Halberds Full Cmd
     -10 Free Company Detachment
     -12 Handgunners Detachment
12 Xbows
4 Demis - Std / Muso - Gleaming Pennant
Celestial Hurricanum

I was worried about his list right off the gate and my initial perception that it was very strong.  It wasn't quite as strong as I thought but John did have lots of tools..

Meeting Engagement scenario.  He deployed his whole army first (we skipped the reinforcements bit on accident - whoops).  I noticed his Man of Intrigue, and his Level 4 very close to the narrow bits of my DZ so I put my Wild Riders right there.  Pre-game they vanguarded into the woods and Turn 1 they charged the building.  John wasn't scared of the Wild Riders.  That changed when I threw 6 dice at a Throne of Vines'd Shield of Thorns on that unit.  Always the sneaky killer that spell, always underestimated.  Love it on my Wild Riders - makes em vicious vs. the T3 stuff.

I didn't get it done though and the mage hopped out on his turn but chose to not go in a unit (bad idea jeans).  Lvl 4 tosses a Purple Sun right at my Treeman, his Demigryphs and my 3pack of Treekin and my Treeman rolls a 1 for his test!! Insanity!!!  John loses a Demi and I lose all 3 Treekin.  John chose not to reform his demis (Which I thought odd but it makes sense later). 

My turn sees me unleash all my Glade Guard + the Hail of Doom arrow on his Level 4 taking it off the board.  Never leave your characters out of units when Wood Elves are around!!  My Wild Riders charged his cannon and Shield of Thorns finished it off.  In the combat phase I went to overrun and John questioned it.  So I dug out the FAQ that lets you do just that and he was not aware of its existence which is why he didn't reform his demis.

You really can't Thunderstomp freedom.  Turns out a stank'll fix it though.

At the end of the game I'd chiseled his halberds down with my treeman, which he killed, and arrows down to 1 man but we had to call it on turn 4.  Neither of us slow played each other, rather we just played a really relaxed, sit-down game of Warhammer.  We just were not fast.  ;-)

I did get a point for the MoI though so 3/5 on a minor loss is not bad!

Game 3 - 
Zach Lambe
Chaos Dwarves - ugggh

So ya, I got Kdaii'd.

Zach got to go first.  Blood & Glory.  The board really jacked me up but not as much as having a Kdaii 33" across the board Turn 1.  I did my best to chaff it up but I needed him to kill 1 less Dryad and pursue (this was a 2nd round of combat since my dryads were T8 when it charged).  Instead he had a great frenzy roll and killed them all.  The Kdaii then destroyed my army.  I should add an eagle rider or horse rider with the 2+ save but it breaks my soul a bit to have to prepare for this beasty.  Not the fun Warhammer I had hoped for in this game.  But nice since I had missed lunch to get an early dinner.  Zach seemed like a decent bro but I didn't really get to know him since his Kdaii destroyed me fast.

1/5 points in this game (I did manage to sing 3 times before I got Kdaii'd!!!)
8 / 10 so far

Saturday Night Festivities
Amazing.  Fun.  Beyond Amazing.  You have to go and experience them.
My bro Tupps won the Creepster award in the Mustache Contest!!!

And all the winners!  Glad to see Flando finally win it.  His beard makes grown men weep. 

Then played a bit of Zombicide!!! (love this game)
With Brad & Andrea Schwandt, the Legend and Chris Walker!!  We got eaten!!!

Last but Not Least, the Feats of Strength.
Wait for the video peeps!
Got to spend a ton of time with Chris Tomlin from The Black Sun and he helped me narrate the Feats.  Great times!  Such a great guy!

Best Part about the Feats?  My Bro TUPPER won that shit!  Here he is with the runner up Jon Witthuhn!

I guess now we can get back to warhammer again!
Got matched up vs. a TK player for round 4 with a Casket which always seem to put a good hurt on my woodies.

Game 4
Mark Nelson
Tomb Kings
Liche High Priest - Lvl 4 - Nekahara
Tomb Prince - GW
30 Skeleton Warrios - Full Cmd
17 Archers - Std / Muso
17 Archers - Std / Muso
5 Skele Horse Archers
5 Skele Horse Archers
5 Necro Knights - Full Cmd
Warsphinx - Fiery Breath
3 Sepulchral Stalkers
Screaming Skull Catapult
Casket of Souls

Really nice guy with an awesome casket display base for his army! (I wish I had gotten a pic)

Turn 1 he goes first and BLAM the casket rocks 5 wounds on the treeman.

The next few turn he lets me get off an early Throne of Vines and then regrets it when I restore a treeman wound.  We do some positioning and some shooting-thankfully there was a river giving me +3 Init to save my treekin from the Stalkers.

Turn 3, I move into dwellers range.  With Throne of Vines still up I 6 dice dwellers the archers unit his Heirophant is hiding in and got IF.  Got a bunch of the archers and the big dog himself.  Mark was not amused (and who would be really) but handled it well knowing that was part of my key to victory.  He was about to turn the tables back though....

I had both my eagles parked in front of his skellie unit with Tomb Prince.  I did my traditional double flee but he caught the 2nd eagle this brought him into contact with my archers.  I didn't think he got to overrun but he thought he did and I was not looking anything up (even this which was important).  I've still not and just don't care.  (I only added this because McClure was telling me that he was supposed to stop where he killed the eagle).

I've never been happier that a game went a certain way.  Our game turned into this slugfest for points.  A real epic back and forth struggle of killing this / killing that for points.  In the end it was a 58 pt draw in my favor and I'd had one of the greatest Warhammer games ever.  I love games like that.  Crumbling helped a lot killing the SSC, Horse Archers, Sphinx, Stalkers and thinning down some other units.

And while I was loaded with amazing opponents, it was this game and this guy that got my favorite opponent vote.  Too much fun was had not to cast my vote that way.

All that was left at end game was the big skele unit, the necro knights, my treekin, my treeman, and my wild riders.

3/5 for me

Round 5
Tyler Scroggin
Dark Elves

Lvl 4 Sorc - Channeling Staff, Talisman of Preservation, Dark Magic
Lvl 2 Sorc - Metal, Scroll
BSB - Enchanted Shield, SDC, Heavy Armor, Dawnstone
28 Dreadspears - Full Cmd
16 Dark Shards - Std
18 Witch Elves - Full Cmd
29 Executioners - Full Cmd / Flame Banner
Hydra - BW
Cold One Chariot

Now, let me preface everything by saying I was concerned about this game.  Every time I've been around this dude he's been drunk as shit and quite obnoxious.  He came to the table stone cold sober and brought an excellent game with him!  We had a blast!!  It turns out I really like sober Tyler and I told him so.  He's a young dude and may have been trying a touch too hard to fit in.

Highlights of the game
Turn 1 Tyler miscast on 2 dice (casting Glittering Scales on his Exes) - this sent his lvl 2 fleeing.

Turn 1 saw me Throne of Vines up and 6 Dice Dwellers on his Exes.  He couldn't scroll it as his lvl 2 was fleeing with the scroll. I had a 27 to cast and Tyler only came up with a 26!!!

Dwellers went off with astounding results!! Loved the Club Dice!!

Hydra charges T7 Glade Gard and gets run down!!

Tyler forgot to move his chariot anywhere near the combat and at end game moved it to the board edge so I couldn't "table" him. 

5/5 for me.
Ended up 16/25 BP for the event.

Scores go up and I ended up 10th overall! Very, very pleased with that.  I went in with 0 aspirations and scored the top 10%.  Imagine what I will do when the Wood Elves get a new OP book!  It's fun to note that Ben Diesel scored 14th overall and lost 3 points only for not participating.  He also reminded me on twitter that he had more Battle Points than me and that I was a Ginger C$&t!  LOL.  I love that Diesel gave me that level of shit!

I made so many new friends this weekend and really had the greatest time.  Shout out to the Black Sun boys Chris, Ben, Chippy and Paddy who I had hoped to spend more time with but were really in high demand. 

Some more pics from the Event!  I did not take very many pics and the pics I took were early on so only the guys there early Friday.

What an amazing weekend.  It was all rounded out by a white knuckle drive home.  The wind was blowing so hard and creating white out conditions.  Most unpleasant.  We ended up stopping and Rockford and were given a place to stay by the most awesome Alex & Kari Ann Gonzalez.  Mad props to them for saving me hotel fees.

Tupps was the champ of our car!! Really glad he had such an amazing weekend.  It kind of brought him out into the spotlight (not his thing) and everyone got to see a bit more of the amazing guy we get to hand out with regularly.

As to Waaaghpaca - it only manages to get better every year.  If you haven't gone you should.  We had lots of paca virgins this year.

So where am I with Warhammer?  Those who know me know I'm unhappy with the current state of the game. Sloppy rules, lack of FAQs, sloppy FAQs, and a complete lack of balance are my big issues.  This weekend though really reminded me of why I play.  The game now takes a backseat to the amazing friends and amazing people at these events.  Nothing can be greater than spending a weekend drinking with 80+ of your friends.  I don't know everyone - yet.  I'm working on that though!  :-)

So, for the moment I've decided to play the game and have fun with it and not worry so much about winning or losing.  Of course I still like to win but it's just no longer a priority.  I have been hobbying for the sake of hobbying, working on an Mumak and Fatties from my Zombicide.  Really loving painting for me with no pressure or timetable.  I've also just taken on my first commission and really hope to spend more time with my airbrush as I really figure out how to use this awesome tool.



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