Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paca 2014 Army & Club Breakdowns

Since the paca roster just got updated I took a minute and wrote up a breakdown of what armies are coming.

A detailed breakdown by army.

So I broke that up into 3 groups of armies by attendance.
Top = 57  (WoC, HE, DoC, DE, Emp)
Mid = 27 (O&G, VC, Liz, OK, SK)
Low = 16 (CD, Dw, TK, WE, Beasts, Brets)

So for fun, I looked at the clubs and who is bringing which races.  (*prodded by some smacktalking on twitter about who would win the best club)

The % column indicates what % of that clubs armies comes from the Top armies represented.

Interestingly enough, both MI teams are comprised ONLY of top armies!  I blame Brad / Rhellion..  :-)

I think there will be quite the interesting competition happening for the Best Club award.  The Black Sun, LD2, Skull Bros all look like top choices to win it but there are quite a lot of solid contenders still waiting in the wings.

The Dyer-Rhea Dudes are my favorite club pick though for a couple of reasons.
1) No one is using a top army.  They are the only club to do this.
2) A great freaking club name!
GL Dudes!!!

Can't wait for the event!!  My main focus is going to be on having fun but it would be nice to get a little bit of Warhammer re-invigoration.

Look forward to seeing everyone real soon!!!



Hinge said...

sweet,==I am getting excited,despite the polar vortex keep hearing about.

Ryan said...

It's almost here!! Now that the holidays are over and PACA is the next thing to look forward to it seems the days/weeks are dragging!!

Can't wait to see all my bros!

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