Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bull Ogre Ogre Command Models

Here's the Bull Ogre command I converted up for the Ogres/Ironguts unit. There's a standard, and a musician.
The musician is almost stock standard. I gave him a custom made drum, repositioned and raised his head a bit, and gave him hooves.

 I also converted his second hand weapon into a thumper for the drum.
The drum was made out of ApoxieSculpt, green stuff, and a few random bits.

The standard bearer is much more converted.
The standard bit is from the Marauder horsemen box set. The skull on it is from the Ghorgon kit. The axe is from the plastic Minotaur kit. The banner pole is a kabob skewer.

As you can see, his head was repositioned, in order to change his facing.
The armor plate is from one of the larger Ogre box sets, I don't remember which one.

I've been using the old metal Minotaur for these command conversions, and I'm running out of ideas/poses. There are two different body styles, based on whether they come with 2 hand weapons, or great weapons. My goal with the conversions was to do one of each body style, holding the flag in each hand, and with a different hoof as the forward hoof. If you look through all the Bull Ogre command models, you'll notice what I'm talking about here. It's made for some great hobby challenges! This guy was the last of the bunch.

That's it for now. Next up, I'll be painting these guys, painting the Bull Ogre Tyrant, and continuing to paint the Orctonnian Pigasus rider. Till next time...


Michael Butcher said...

Love the lean on the standard bearer

Llama said...

Another well done conversion, eye candy! The kebab-skewer, though, did it come all the way from the UK?

Thank you, by the way, for the podcast that you provide to us ever so often, free of charge.

Regards, L.

Ryan said...

Never ceases to amaze me what you can do with these metal models! Looking forward to seeing more as always.

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