Monday, January 13, 2014

Bull Ogre Doombull

I've finished the Bull Ogre Doombull finally, after 29 hours and 1 minute of total paint time!
Here's the links to the conversion posts for him:
The head:
Custom Doombull Head Construction Blog Post
The entire model:
Daemon Prince Doombull Conversion Blog Post

As you can read in the conversion post, he's built from the plastic Daemon Prince model.
The body had some serious repositioning, scraping, and fur sculpting done to it. Also, the hooves are custom. All that was done to match the style of the other minotaurs in the army.

The skin tones were done in Steel Legion Drab, a medium brown wash, then Steel Legion Drab, Kommando Khaki, Ushabti Bone, and lastly white. There were several intermediate stages in there that were mixes between the pot colors.

I intended the fur to turn out a bit lighter than it did. The wash coat of black I gave it after painting a gray basecoat was a bit darker than intended. 
The runic work on the sword was done in Hawk Turquoise, then mixed with increasing amounts of Ushabti Bone to lighten it up for highlights. The final color on that was Ushabti Bone straight outta the pot. The little jar on his belt was done in the same colors.
One really sweet detail that I gave this guy was the double horns. I've never done something like that before. I like the final result very much, but what a pain in the hind-end to paint!

In the pic immediately above this one, you can see the fur plugs on his upper back; where the wings will go. This is the only angle that they're visible, and it's really not as pronounced in person as the pic makes it look.
He does have a little bit of manhood hanging down there. Nothing as drastic as the Ghorgon, but I felt it wouldn't be appropriate to leave him a gelding.

I never really liked the Daemon Prince model at all, in fact I've often ripped on it for being bad, but I'm super pleased with how this big fella turned out! It was a bit refreshing to paint a very different model from what I've been working on. The body, shield, head, and armor were all rather different from the style of the old metal minos that I've been working on forever.
That's it for now. Just two more models and a movement tray to finish up for the Masters in late February!


Michael Butcher said...

Nice work Johnny!

Lindh said...

This is simply stunning work, pure awesome!

Did you have a picture with the wings attached after painting as well, or are they not done yet?

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanjs fellas!

The wings aren't painted yet. They are base coated, but it will be a while before they're finished.

Asslessman said...

This is a really nice conversion and th epaintjob is realy ip to the rest.

One thing I do not understand is how are the wings attached to the mody? I read about plugs, is there a reason why you did not use rare earth magnets (naive question here). I ofetn use magnets but would be intersetd to see how you make plugs for removable parts like here.
Great job.

Johnny Hastings said...

Hey Assless, If you follow the second link to the Daemon Prince Doombull Conversion Blog Post up near the top of the post, you'll see. I did use rare earth magnets for it.

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