Monday, December 23, 2013

No Crisis Here... Tau Battlesuits Complete | WH40K

With a laaaaate night flurry, I managed to finish the batch of models (those being all the battle suits of various configurations) of the commission Tau army I have been working on.

I did minor to major conversions to all suits and also tried to add some interest in posing, etc.

Not the best pics, but in my defense I had been up most of the night finishing these and had to get boxed up for shipping...

I am really pleased with how the basing turned out also.

Riptide: Sadly, I did not shoot a shot of the magnetized interchangeable main weapon. I built a new/bigger head and added a flechette launcher I had laying about to left arm; other than that it is pretty much stock

From the side, I like how the dirty white turned out. I opted against weathering powders as these will be handled a lot in gaming, and the chipped/scratched elements I added get the point accross.

Other Side (Bad photo, sorry)

Broadside Suit: Lots of conversions here; head is new build (the large Tau suits all come with heads that are actually smaller than the ones that come with Crisis Suits) and I split the cannon up so there is one on each arm.


Crisis Suit team:
Used the Shield Generators as Shields as a way to tie all the team together; while at the same time making each suit unique in armament.

Team Leader: Fingers are stolen from a Marine power fist

John Woo Style...

I modeled this one to look like he leaning in to take the recoil...

Commander and Body Guards:

Commander: Lots of work on this one to make him look like he has a better suit (as he should)

John Woo body Guard #1

John Woo body Guard #2

There are several drones that go with each group, but in my haste I neglected pictures of them (sigh).
Next up: The Poor Bloody Infantry, 2 X Pirhannas, Gunship, and Stealth Team. 
Thanks for Looking!


Minitrol said...

Far out what an awesome looking force! Love it.

DeanM said...

Fantastic work as always, Michael. And yes - the basing is really nice too. BTW, were they airbrushed? The finish is so smooth. Best, Dean

Mordian7th said...

Love how those turned out - striking and crisp color scheme, and excellent posing. Great work, man!

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! The red is air brushed

jugger said...

Great work Mike! That's a striking color scheme, works great.

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