Thursday, December 5, 2013

More Bull Ogre Maneater Conversions

I finished converting up the 5th and 6th Maneaters for the Bull Ogre army.
Once again I went with the grossly large and sweet looking Tuskgor heads on the old-school metal GW Minotaur bodies.
The giant crossbow is from the Ogre Thundertusk Kit. The weapon in his other hand is from the new Dragon Ogres kit.
Most of this conversion work is tedious and boring to me at this point, having done so much of it. This guy's dreadlocks were a blast to do though! They had to be done in four or five different sittings, working from the back forward, and giving the previous row of dreads plenty of time to dry before trying the next set. I followed the well-known Chaos Dwarf Beard Sculpting tutorial to accomplish it.
This guy has been built and based to fit in the back left corner of a unit of 6 Manies. That's why he's facing off diagonally on the base.

This last guy is intended to go in the back center of the regiment of 6. That's why he's rather static looking relative to the other models in the unit.
Based upon how dynamic the models around him are, I really didn't have much room to work with when converting him up.

I got the idea for the Ogre head with its jaw ripped off from an episode of The Walking Dead.
I think this regiment will stay at 6. I've been considering doing up another unit of 4 for 3,000 point games, but I don't have any more Tuskgor heads at the moment!

That's it for now. Next up for the Bull Ogres I'll be finishing the conversion work on a standard bearer and a musician to go in an Ogre or Iron Gut unit. I'm currently busting butt painting on the first Orctonnian Pigasus though, so it may be a few weeks.


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