Friday, November 22, 2013

Orc of the Realm #5

Finally finished another Orc of the Realm. I'm so sick of painting blues!
I painted his shield a long time ago, that's why I was stuck with the blue and white colors on him.

 The boar was a part of my personal 'would a boar turn out well with honkey flesh tones' challenge from months back. As it turns out, they can look rather good that way.
I've been on a kick of painting my boar and minotaur snouts pink for a while now. It's a nice change from doing them black, which is all I'd ever done before.
The whites were done with Steel Legion Drab, Kommando Khaki, Ushabi Bone, and then white. No intermediate mix tones were required there. It's really great when it works out that way, and it saves a ton of time.

The orc skin tones were done with Death World Forest, a dark green glaze, then Death World Forest mixed with increasing shades of Ushabti Bone until I was happy with it.
The blues are Kantor Blue, then a few mix shades with Caledor Sky, then Caledor Sky, then a few mix shades with Lothern Blue, then a final highlight of Lothern Blue.

The skin tones and the blues took the bulk of the time that I spent on this model.

I have about 26 hours into this model, if you could the conversion time as well as the painting time. Ugh...
The more of these guys that I do, the more elaborate I try to get on the shield emblem. That part is really fun still!

That's it for now. Next up for the Orctonnians will be painting the Pigasus and Rider, building a movement tray for the first Orc of the Realm regiment, and converting up a few more Orcs of the Realm (likely a command group).


Phil said...

Great looking figure!

davetaylor said...

He looks absolutely fantastic! Well worth the time invested, in my opinion.


DeanM said...

Fantastic fig!

Garre said...

Damn u paint good :) wish i could or even like painting. Keep up the great work.

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