Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nurgle Daemon Projectors [counts as Skullcannons] finished | WHFB

Recovering after painting these [and all the furies and Drones as well as repainting 50+ plaguebearer and nurgle beast bases. Oh yeah, and scratch building all the movement trays and completing them] the week prior to Northstar.

Had a good tourney, my goal was to win at least 2 games [and to have fun in all, which I did...], ended up 3 wins and 18th of 88 and 2nd best army overall, which I was really pleased with [considering I flitted away some points I could have gotten for my display board]. I have been out of the Warhammer tourney scene for quite a while. The painting/army bar has been lifted pretty high now. I am much better at historical wargaming, have trouble with magic and what-not, army building has always been more my bag. Johnny Hastings, a fellow Handsome Point Boy [our local game club, just go with it], took best overall and players choice. His army is a freakin' masterpiece. All I can say is game on for next year, when I will be rocking some Chaos Dwarves. I plan to pretty much build every thing from scratch and kit-bash.

I took a lot of pics at Northstar and will post a game by game summary in the near future.

Here are some pics of my finished Nurgle Projectors, I decided to rename them;  I feel projectors are more accurate for what I built. I am really pleased with how these turned out and the level of paint I was able to accomplish in the short time I had.

Here is Projector #1

Everything is painted pretty Straight forward:
The rust recipe is the same I used on my ogres years ago: Dark Flesh Base, Heavy Vermin Brown Stipple, Lighter Blood Angel red Stipple, even lighter Blazing Orange stipple. Detail with Boltgun metal as needed.

The Veins were given the under skin look by: Over Highlighting and Over Shading the the beast by about 10-15%, then using a Micro pen (red and blue) to draw the veins, etc. Give this a shot of Dullcote to seal it. Then take a thin glaze [using glaze medium] of the base color, in this case Old Parchment from Ceramacoat [a great color that I have never found a replacement for], and build up several layers of glaze. This builds a transparent layer of base color over the veins as well as pulls down the Over Shading/Highlighting to balance out the skin pallet. I did go back and re-highlight some, you will be surprised how effective this technique is, even without the veins.

Projector #2

I will post up some pics of the Drones and Furies also in the next week or so.

Thanks for looking


DeanM said...

Really amazing brushwork, Michael. The rusty parts look very realistic - I bet you had a lot of fun painting this piece. Looking forward to the Drones and Furies (whatever they may be - I'm still a WHFB newb). Best, Dean

PsychosisPC said...

Having seen the rest of that army, this looks like it fits well with them. Good job. I just can't get fired up to do much of anything in the fantasy GW world right now. So back to the Dark Ages for a bit to get back the creative mojo, and a few other little projects just for fun.

Green Stuff Industries said...

Truly great work! Amazing idea, too. I may have to steal that concept to bolster my Daemons.

Dannoc said...

Absolutly Fantastic.

jugger said...

Great work as always! These are phenomenol!

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