Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bull Ogre Iron Blaster!

This is by far one of the largest and most involved projects I've ever undertaken. What a beast!
Paint time was 64 hours 55 minutes! I have no idea what the conversion and extra bitz all took, as it wasn't tracked very well. I'm certain that I have over 100 hours in this model overall.

The part that took the longest is by far the skin tones. There were layers in there that took over 7 hours on one color!
I tried all kinds of different colors throughout the model as an effort to break up the monotony of the painting, and of the finished piece.

I tried to make the stone he's holding look like it had been knocked over and laid in the dirt for a long while.
I'd been saving that sheep bit on his backside for a long, long time. It's one of my favorite little bitz, and I'm happy to have finally given it a good home.
He's rather well endowed, you'll note.

To add some color to it, I painted all the rocks up to look like warp stone. That was also why I decided to add the greens to the ankle and the statue, to help tie things together.
 'Who's a naughty animal?! Bully!'
One of the biggest difficulties with this guy was how huge and awkward the model was. I had to find a few easy spots to hold on to it and manipulate it during painting, with the idea that I would be painting those last. The horns, the statue in his hand, and the base were what I used for that.

I'm really not looking forward to doing something this size again any time soon!
I hope I never have to hide him on the battlefield, that's going to be a bit difficult with true line of sight!

I almost did some freehand on his loin cloth, but decided against it after stenciling it on there. He's already a rather busy model, and it was just too much to take in at that point.

Some folks have asked if this was airbrushed. The answer is no. He's all brush painted. Once I finally learn to airbrush, I'll probably be kicking myself in the hind-end just thinking about how much time I could have saved on this project.

That's all I have for now!


The Venerable Bede said...

That is incredible. Shame every cannon on the battlefield will be gunning for him turn 1!

DeanM said...

Fantastic brushwork!

Tommy said...

fucking impeccable.

muggins said...

That is amazing dude. Really looks great.

Unknown said...

That ... is ... EPIC! Great centerpiece to the army!

Ryan said...

Not only is this guy "beautiful" but the MF never misses! In our game he tallied a Frostheart, an Eagle and 2 bolt throwers!! 430 points!

Michael Butcher said...

Awesome work Johnny. The whole army and display board is a real piece of art. Well played, well played.

Mr Saturday said...

Superb. Worth every second. I like the subtle way you've displayed his enormous tackle. Nice. That's the second Gorghon I've seen with a massive member. What the hell?

Super awesome man. What a centrepiece.

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