Friday, October 25, 2013

Bull Ogre Maneaters Regiment Done!

It isn't too often that I finish a whole unit. Here's one of them though. The Bull Ogre Maneaters!
I hate to think about all the time that I have in this unit. It was 61 hours, 54 minutes to build and paint. Not counting the custom base, which was probably a few more hours. Yikes!

I'm super stoked with the results, despite the extreme amount of time that I have in them.
I have two more of these guys to finish converting, and to paint. That's a part of the 2,400 point list though, so it won't likely happen till Adepticon (if I get in the tourney).
It feels good to actually see something complete! I'm super motivated to carry on at the moment.

Here's an example of the extreme detail on these MFers:
'Look at that weird bird!' That little guy took longer than I care to admit to paint. I got a little over zealous with him, but it was a fun little interlude to all the blues I was painting at the time.

That's it for now. I still have a display board, and one more Bull Ogre Iron Gut to go for Northstar's 2,200 point list. Exactly 7 days from now I'll be driving out there, so time is short! I guess this is what you call the home stretch...


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Dennis G said...

Very nice Jonny! Good Luck on finishing up for Northstar.

Unknown said...

sweet - can't wait to see pics of the whole army on a finished display board. Good work man!

Ryan said...

I get to see this army in all its glory in...34 hours....YES

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