Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bull Ogre Maneater #4

I've finished the last Maneater that I need for my 2,200 point Northstar GT list!
He took 19 and a half hours to build and paint.
Like the rest of the Bull Ogre Maneaters I've done, his head is an old metal Tuskgor head.
The giant crossbow is from the Ogre Thundertusk boxed set. The chain around his neck is copper jeweler's chain. His sword is from an old metal Dragon Ogre model.
The skin tones were done using a base of Desert Yellow, a Devlan Mud wash, followed by highlighting with Desert Yellow mixed with various amounts of Ushabti Bone and then later on white.
I did his nose in pinks just for the fun of painting some different colors. The same goes for the potion jar on his hip.
That just leaves 2 Iron Guts, and an army display board to finish for Northstar! Now that I'm so close, I'm getting very motivated, and a bit anxious.

I have exactly one month to get it all done. I'll be focusing on the army display board first.

I estimate that the 2 Iron Guts will take between 10 and 12 hours each to finish. I have no idea about that army board, so I'm going to try to bust some serious ass to get it done! Hopefully I don't have too many long nights of working on the display board in my near future.


Mr Saturday said...

Looking super sweet. Now you're so close, you kind of have to make it. Best of luck with the board and the 2 guts.

DeanM said...

Wonderfully painted! Time and effort well spent. Dean

Ryan said...

1 Month!! You got this. Can't wait to see the army at Northstar!

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