Monday, October 28, 2013

Bull Ogre Iron Gut (#3)

This guy is the last model that I needed to finish for the Northstar GT 2013!
I converted him up a while ago, and finally needed him to fill out the Gut Star.
His final look is a bit different to me, as I used a new varnish on him. Usually I use Armory Matte Coat. This guy was done with a Krylon Matte Varnish, but he isn't nearly as 'matte' as I'm used to!
I kind of like the new varnish, as it didn't make the metals look blotchy. I'm not sold on the overall shinier look though.
The rest of him no doubt looks much like all the other Minotaur I've done.
The only conversion work on him was to reposition the head, add a neck, and add the hand ax on to his belt.
Only a few days left until Northstar! The only thing that I have left after this guy is to finish the painting on the display board. I have no idea what I'll do with all my free time when this project is wrapped up, but I can't F'n wait to find out!


DeanM said...

Nice work!

Ryan said...

Congrats! You're going to spend all the time on Orctonnians!!

Unknown said...

Well done!

So are we going to get a sneak peak of the whole army on the board before Northstar? Or are you going to keep the ghorgon under wraps until the day of the tourney?

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