Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bull Ogre Iron Gut (#2)

This guy is the second to the last model that I need to finish for Northstar; almost done!
I tried a completely new skin tone on him. It's Bestial Brown, a dark brown wash, then Bestial Brown highlighted with increasing amounts of Elf Flesh.
The tentacle was done in my standard Scaly Green highlighted with Ushabti Bone. The suckers were done in Scaly Green that was lightened with a light gray.
The tentacle was sculpted with green stuff.
The pouches on his belt were also sculpted with green stuff.
Total time spent on this model was 12 hours, 17 minutes. That includes conversion and painting.

Only one more Iron Gut to go, and a massive display board project.

I'm a bit intimidated by the display board at the moment, and I feel like I've bitten off way more than I can chew with it. Three weeks till Northstar!


sithkhan said...

Keep the optimism! You are so close to the completion!

Unknown said...

Everything is really coming together nicely! Really like the mutation conversion!

Can't wait to see the army altogether on the display board!

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