Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tau Update | WH40K

Added Back Banners on the Squad leaders and Tau Cadre models. I figured the Tau are so practical that they just wouldn't have banner, it would do something else also. The banner top gizmo could be just about anything in the game, I will paint the black bit up as a lens.  I wanted it look like it could close up and retract, etc. Might add a little more detail, but not sure it is necessary. I will give the Crisis Suit Army Commander (he will get 2, as he is the commander), his bodyguard, and all the other Suits the same type of banners. IMHO this will really pull the Army together. 

Banners are Brown Stuff putty, rolled out on a plastic baggy, allowed to set a bit, cut to shape and then draped on some paint brush barrels to fully cure. Easy Peasy, well a bit finicky... I hate paper banners BTW... 

Here is the reworked Kroot Shaper, I did a new cape and found a better weapon for him. 

And now I present to you: the Shaper's Posse. I had forgotten what pain these are to assemble, but they are done. 2 of them have silver (for now) marine shoulder pads will be painted as looted Black Templar armor. My client will get this :).

Will be taking a break on the Tau for a bit to finish up some other projects. 
Next Tau installment, I will show how I go about batch painting units, especially the prep that eases and speeds up the process.

Thanks for looking 


DeanM said...

Wow, nice work with the scratch-built banners. I suppose the Wargames Factory Ashigaru banners are a bit too small for these Tau. Best, Dean

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