Monday, September 2, 2013

Poor Bloody [TAU] Infantry | WH40K

Made some good progress on the TAU Commission. 90% of the Infantry are assembled and prepped for primering, etc. Without a doubt the most tedious part of the project, but time spent in preparation is paid back in spades when it comes to painting. Bases are resin. Shoulder pads are modified to take a decal for the Sept badge [frankly, I have a very hard time painting the little raised Tau symbols, I learned the hard way 10 years ago...]. I will paint the figures, shoulder pads, and bases separately, which means a whole lot of labeling, etc to get the right Tau on the right base as all figures are pinned into the bases for durability on the game table.

Tau scheme will be a deep red and dark grey with cream/white as the accent color. Lens [lots of them!] will be green for contrast.


Fire Warrior Squad 1: Drone didn't make the picture. Pin on back is for leader's banner, still undecided on style, probably a Samurai type affair with a horizontal pole with some kind of Tau gizmo at the join. These are really old models, but the quality of the design and pose ability still has legs.  Arms are hard to get aligned properly, thank goodness the left shoulder will be covered by a pad [not pictured].

Fire Warrior Squad 2: The guy with the grenade throws like a girl, you can tell.

Fire Warrior Squad 3: Minor conversion on leader's left arm. All Drone bases will get a treatment to match the other bases. I know I can match them because I sculpted the resin bases :).

Fire Warrior Cadre: Now that this is blown up 300%, I see the giant sprue bit I missed on the drone [already fixed :)]. I need to go back a fix the right hand with grenade. Stock model is holding up a bonding knife which I swapped out, as well as tweaking his head angle a bit. I also modified the Cadre's gun drones [not included with the kit, BTW] with a barrel swap on the Pulse Carbines to give them longer barrels. He is the Cadre, after all. This model also has a left shoulder pad that will be painted separately like the Fire Warriors. I really like the new Tau models for the most part, but I have to give this one a C-. Nice model with OK detail; but no extra options, wargear, etc. Overpriced IMHO for what you get, which I think is a common theme on the GW single plastic special models. If I do another one, I will convert it from a Fire Warrior instead. That all said, I think it is nice dynamic model.  Going back and forth on a banner... 

Stealth Suits: My favorite Tau models, I just think they are cool. Small conversions on the 2 burst cannon suits.  Markerlight drones and a whatchamacallit Tau gadget included. No banner here as that wouldn't be stealthy. I will set the leader apart with color inversion/details. My grand scheme is to paint some of the lower legs to match the bases as if the suits were mimicking the background [on a test model first, of course]. 

Pathfinder Squad: Awesome kit! moldlines virtually non-existent [a nice respite from the FWs] and went together like a dream, arms fit well, etc. Sprues are chock full of extra bits and options. Great variety of legs and dynamic poses. And...comes with a cool Recon Drone and 2 other drones that can be made into no less than 4 options. I chose the coolest looking ones for them [I have no idea what a "Gravity Suppressor" or "Pulse Accelerator" does in the game, but aren't they neat]. The Recon drone just cries out to made into other variants also.

Kroot Shaper: Rest of Kroot are on the work bench, almost done. Need to clean-up the neck a bit and add some more detail [leg wrappings] to set him apart. Cloak is from WHFB, but it works.

Thanks for looking...


Minitrol said...

You have been a busy boy. I still have a box of tau parts somewhere and some Kroot might be fun to paint 'em up as allies for my Eldar.

Keep us appraised of your progress!

PsychosisPC said...

That looks like a lot of cool work, for a bunch of Appleseed wannabe's :) . Any good pics of the bases. One thing I did a long time ago on the kroot was to give them a more porcupine type look to the head by adding a bunch of blunted straight pins.

DeanM said...

Very cool, Michael. Tau guys get all the cool stuff. Best, Dean

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