Saturday, September 21, 2013

Orctonnian Pigasus Knight Conversion

The conversion work is done on the first Orctonnian Pigasus Knight. What a blast he was to make!
As you can see, most of the work went into the boar. The rider was done exactly like I've done the other Orctonnian Knights.

The base is a temporary solution for painting, so disregard that. He'll be mounted on the 40mm fence base that I blogged on a month or so back.
The boar took 6 hours 8 minutes to convert. The rider took 1 hour 47 minutes to convert.
The tricky part to the boar was the feathers, especially on the wings. I'd never done anything that detailed before, so I really took my time with it. Also, I wanted it to match the existing feathers on the wings as seamlessly as possible.
I heated and bent the wings a bit, in order to make it look like he was banking. I intend to attach the orc at an angle when he goes on for the final time, to make it look like he's adjusting his weight for the bank.
I'll get around to painting this fella once the other Orctonnian that's almost done being painted is finished up. Sadly, that won't be till after the Bull Ogres are completed for Northstar (which is taking a serious load of my time right now).


Rushputin said...

I love it!

Michael Butcher said...

Great Work Johnny, attention to detail like the wing modifications and angle on the rider are some of the subtle details that make your conversions so strong. Often they come out as not looking like a conversion at all, whic I mean as a complement. Bravo!

Mr Saturday said...

Looking great. You got the greenstuff mojo.

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