Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nurgle Furies 2.0 | WHFB

Changing Channels...

Working on 2 Units for Nurgle Furies for my "update" of my Nurgle Daemon Army.

I feel these are dated as Bell Bottoms, Frankly I paint a lot better now and I want to bring my furies in line aesthetically with the new(ish) Nurgle Plague Drones.

Nurgle Furies 1.0 (circa 2007)

Here is (very WIP) where I am headed. I will do 2 units of these. I had to account for them needing to work 1/2" apart and close order. Still to add Stingers and legs (from Goblin spiders, as in V1.0).  I plan to use the brass rods as before, really no room (or time for that matter) to work in alternatives, such as trees, etc. to suspend the figures. I think it will be fine. 

 Nurgle Furies 2.0 
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DeanM said...

Wow - those look awesome to me, Michael. Older works or not. Best, Dean

Toasted said...

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