Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kurt Knispel Memorial Tournament | FOW

With a rush of painting I finished up the Welsh Guards Armored Recce in time for the Knispel Memorial Tournament on 21 Sept.  Tournament specifics: Late War Tanks! (only one non-armored unit allowed per army), Awards for most Tank Kills as well as over all, etc. Fast paced event, only shot a couple of pictures with my phone.

1IC cowering in the woods to contest the objective...
Achilles laying in wait for the omni present Tigers
Cromwell Platoons getting ready to hit the Kill Box. 
This Event was a blast, I had three great games against Germans, learned a lot on how to run this particular Army (first time using these, a blast to use). Cromwells are really just fast Shermans that look cooler.  Ended up as top allied General and Tallied up 21 Kills.

I really like how these turned out for maybe 20 hours total (box to tabletop). My press-molded Hessian strips worked great, on the board they look just the ones that come on maybe three cromwell turrets in the Army Box set I scored on ebay.

I will shoot some better pics of these lads when I get a little time,

Thanks for looking.


DeanM said...

The British armor looks great, Michael. Sounds like they did well against the Germans too. Hmmm, late-war tanks...Pershings perhaps? :) Best, Dean

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