Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bull Ogre Maneater Standard Bearer

I've finished the Maneater Standard Bearer!
This was the second to the last major hurdle to getting the Bull Ogres done for Northstar.
The only remaining items are a new army display board, 1 more Maneater, and 2 Ironguts.
The Maneater took 11 hours, 47 minutes to build and paint. The banner took 14 hours, 45 minutes just to paint. That's a total of 26 hours, 32 minutes! Again I ask you, what the heck is wrong with me?!
The banner took so long to paint due to the huge amount of open space, all the blending that was required, and the freehand work. It was pretty tedious, and I really didn't enjoy all the blues.

The Maneater itself was really fun to paint. The Dragon Ogre weapon worked out really great, it's a nice unique bit that I've never used before.

The little bottle on his hip was supposed to add a little different yet complimentary color to the model, and was a fun little piece to paint.
The skin tones are Desert Yellow based, lightened with Ushabti Bone, and then later with white.

The only part of this guy that really sucked to paint, other than the banner, was the horns. I hate painting horns.

That's it for now. Motivation is still really high, partly due to how well my games went at Pure Hammer with this army. I'm getting really excited to be done with this army now, so that I can move on to the Orctonnians!


sithkhan said...

Looking good!

Mr Saturday said...

Sweetness. That banner is huge, all the blending must have been a nightmare. Gudjaaab!

Randroid said...

Fantastic looking blues!!

PsychosisPC said...

"Again I ask you, what the heck is wrong with me?!" .....Look in a mirror....errr....sorry....stop with the recording of your time from a stopwatch. Hobby time should not be counted like work time.

Great looking mino. Will certainly be a great addition to your army.

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