Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Armored Recce | FOW

Bouncing Back and Forth between TAU, Flames of War, and Nurgle Deamons...

Need to finish these bad boys by the 21st for Late War Tournament @ The Last Square in Madison,
20 tanks [Cromwells, Crusaders, Archers, Stuarts] no infantry.  Will add infantry for Roc-Con in October.

Actually working on Tau Back Banners while the first wash dries. These will go quickly as they will be drybrushed.  I made some press molds of the Hessian Strips from the turrets that had them sculpted so I could add them to all the tanks besides the Stuarts.

Tau pics tomorrow.


DeanM said...

You're really cranking it out, Michael. Love the Tau guys too. Best, Dean

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