Friday, August 2, 2013

Ghorgon Iron Blaster Painting Project - Post 2 - 1 Month In

I've been painting on the Ghorgon Iron Blaster for 1 month now. Here's where he's at:
The base has been drybrushed, all the fur has been finished, the hooves are done, the ankle wraps are basecoated, and the tongue/mouth and eyes are done. I'm working on the skin currently. These pics were taken just after the 3rd highlight layer was completed on the skin.

I expect to do 7 layers of highlights on the skin before I call it done.
Total time spent so far is 25 hours, 4 minutes.
For a while there, my motivation was super low to actually paint on him. That's mostly because the skin is such a huge and daunting project.

I have some stats on how long I've spent on certain parts of him:
The fur took a total of 3 hours 26 minutes, that's why I was hell-bent on covering as much of him in fur as I could during the conversion stage!
As I said, I've finished 3 skin highlights. The first layer took 6 hours, 43 minutes. The second took 4 hours, 35 minutes. The third took 7 hours, 5 minutes.

The color scheme on the skin is a basecoat of Steel Legion Drab (the Graveyard Earth replacement) washed with Agrax Earthshade, then highlighted with Steel Legion Drab, and a few layers of Steel Legion Drab mixed with varying amounts of Ushabti Bone (the Bleached Bone replacement).

Once all the skin layers are completed, I will be doing a very detailed blog post on it. It'll be heavily focused on the technique involved, the thought processes, some interesting notes, and details on the colors.
I'm finding this big fella really difficult to work with, because of his size and awkwardness. His ankles have already snapped off his hooves once on me. That sucks because the options are: keep painting without it, or putty and glue it back on there and wait a few hours. I chose the latter.

At this point, my motivation has returned. Hopefully I can get this guy cranked out in a few weeks here. That seems ambitious, but I have a lot of painting to do for Northstar in November; now that I've reworked my army list. Time to charge ahead!


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