Friday, July 12, 2013

Let's get Pearly

The most frequently asked question about the chthonic demons is definitely the pearl effect. In this post, I'll talk about the spray I used and show off a few before and after spray shots.

I had never heard of this stuff before Bear dropped off two cans for me, along with a bunch of pigments and other things from his grand demon army plan. 

For those who are not long-time Point Hammered listeners, this was an army the Bear thought up a few years ago back when his Ogres were crap. He was tired of being stomped and wanted to do up a quick army that could perhaps win a game or two in his incapable hands. He came up with the idea of doing a quick sprayed and dipped demon army with some interesting effects using artist materials. He never really got this army going, leading to the infamous phrase: "Oh, you know, just plugging away on my demons."

Years later, when I began work on the chthonic demons, I picked up a few cheap demon models off of him. In the bargain, he threw in a few interesting bits, including this spray. He had picked it up in the discount bin at Fleet n Farm.

After quite a few experiments (probably 6 or 7 test models), I found a color scheme that worked with the spray and gave an effect like nothing I had ever seen on the tabletop before. 

The spray itself is pretty basic. All it does is leave a slight metallic pink gloss coating. However, the effect shows up best on the darker areas of the model and is more apparent when you get the right light.

The spray is in no way a magic bullet. If you spray a shitty painted model, it will remain a shitty painted model with a weird gloss coating.

Anyways, here are a couple before and after shots.

You can see that using the spray could be a bit tricky, since anything that shouldn't have the effect has to get painted after you spray.

I painted all the skin and NMM before hitting the figs with the spray. I then had to go back and do eyes, horns, sword handles and other random bits. If I did get a smudge on the pearly goodness, I would use a toothpick to scrape it off quick. It seemed like I could scrape stuff off even if I didn't catch it right away too.

The pearl spray actually looks quite awesome over NMM as it adds some metallic effect back into it. My next blog post will be about the metallics, which I also used dry pigment powders on.


If you can get your hands on this stuff, I'd recommend playing around with it. You can get some interesting effects for sure!

Getting a hold if it may be a problem, though. Bear originally got it in a discount bin but I could not find anyplace in the US or online that sold it off the shelf. I ended up having to place a special order with Lowe's for a minimum order of six. $7.99 x 6 = not cheap.

I should mention, there is not just a pink, there is also a green! 

I tried both. The green effect seemed to be much stronger - too strong for the skin on these guys at least, but over the NMM bits it looked absolutely amazing!

If you can get your hands on this stuff, I have a few tips.

Always tip her upside down and spray out all the gunk when you're done spraying as this shit really wants to clog. However, as soon as the spray cuts off, let off the nozzle that instant. If you continue for even a second or two, the nozzle will clog. 

If it does clog, pull it off for a sec, then pop it back on and try a normal right side up spray. Hopefully that did the trick. If so, you will have to go spray upside down again to clear it. 

If that didn't do the trick, try soaking it in paint thinner.

Also, the overall pearlyness is tied to how much of the can is left and age. Instead of painting and spraying an army over the course of a year, it'd be best to paint and save up all the spraying til the end to ensure a consistent look.

I did go back and varnish the models once all the painting was done with. I used Krylon Crystal Clear 1303. This seems to leave the shiny bits shiny and the dull bits less shiny.

That's about it. Leave your questions below. 

If anyone works with this stuff I'd be keen to see the results!

And for anyone in the Midwest, I do have a couple cans I could sell. Drop me an email or message in the Ask the Bastards box.


Mike Howell said...

Hmmm. I am tempted to try this. I've been experimenting with a pearl effect that uses W&N iridescent white lightly brushed over light tan, and I'd like to see some different techniques first-hand. Thanks for sharing.

Randroid said...

Really cool. Inspired to give it a go on some minis in the future!

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