Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Invasion Kenosha V report

Headed up to Kenosha, WI for a one day tournament.  Chuck and Kevin from Bloomington rode up with me and it was a bit weird, but nice, change of pace.

I was scrambling for an objective marker as it was supposed to be on a 40mm round and then I remembered the captured stds I made for my army back in 7th and simply used one of those.  I recused myself from being considered for "Best Objective" since my good pal Shawn Welte had painted the freehand on it.

We got there and got a swag bag which had an Avatars of War miniature in it.  I got the Chaos Dwarf at first (which I've got 2 of already from Acon) and John was nice enough to trade that to me for a Chaos Warrior looking dude.  John also had this awesome spread of drinks and breakfast food available for the players - a very nice touch (I wish I had taken a picture).

So far - I give the event an A++++

I rocked my std 2k WE list.
Lvl 4 - Scroll
BSB - Aysendis Bane / Hail of Doom Arrow
2 x 8 Dryads
12 GG muso std Flame banner
11 GG muso std
5 Treekin
3 Treekin
6 Wild Riders muso std
2 Eagles

As you can see in the pic my display base has seen better days.  This army is older than the hills.  I really need to retire it again for a while.  But the objective of the day was to have fun and this army is still the most fun army for me to play.

Game 1 was matched up vs. Mark V from Janesville WI
This was his first tourney and he was rocking a nurgle demon army with a few horrors.  And a Papa Nurgle.  I'd not yet had a chance to fight against the new demon stuff so was looking forward to it.  I really got to look closely at the plague drones and liked em. 

The scenario was the one I knew was going to be trouble for me since I didn't modify my list for it.  Figure out % of Standards lost and whoever wins that wins the game.  I had 3 stds he had 5 - 2 I didnt expect to get (plaguebearers / bsb).  Deployment was on the short edges - I think it was 24" from the edge with a 9" dead zone at the very back (nice touch there).

 Highlights from the game
Papa Nurgle cascaded off the board turn 1 casting a regen buff spell.
Wood Elf shooting almost totally ineffective vs. Nurgle Beasts / Drones.
Dwellering 20 plague bearers and killed 2!
Rear charging nurgle beasts with a treeman and being stuck for like 8 rounds of combat!

At the end of the day Mark came out with a well deserved win cleaning up most of the points and standards.  Losing my ward saves really hurts vs demons with my trees.  We had a great fun game though and Mark was a great guy to play!

Game 2
vs. Kyle F - Empire (Club Holy Hammers)

I really liked the look of his army.  I think the pic provides a accurate tale of what he brought.

There was a river sectioning our table and a marsh.  I used both to my advantage in deployment.  Scenario was standard VP scenario with objective of getting your objective marker back.

The key to this game was Kyles dice.  I think they hated him.
Turn 1 I killed his outriders on my right flank.  Which in turned paniced 2 different knight units off of the board. 

Turn 2 or 3 (we were going fast) I dwellered the big Halberd unit killing 22 of the dudes.  He called the game right there.  I felt pretty bad at that point but he was being an amazing sport.  He asked if we could re-set and play another game.  We did and ignored the river and marsh which led to a much more fun game overall and actually saw significant combats.

Kyle was a great guy to play and has a really nicely painted empire army.  I look forward to meeting this guy again.

Game 3
Steve Herner - Wood Elves (Club Holy Hammers)

I was excited for this game.  Steve and I had been chatting ever since Blood in the Sun.  I didn't meet him there but really liked his WE army and he met some friends of mine which led to a discussion between us.

He was running a shooty, elf heavy army and I was running a tree heavy combat army.  

We were both tired and exhausted and this was a fun way to end the day.   I pulled out a win in this game as well and helped Steve with some items he wasn't quite doing right with his WE.

2 Big wins and a Big loss for me at this event and tons of fun.  Got to play 3 new opponents which was just awesome.

Also managed to slide my way into 2nd place, 3 pts behind the overall winner 1 Mr. David Wiiiiitek!!

I've never been happier to be First Loser!  I'm glad he pulled it out!  Sounds like a real tame army too with zombies and no lords.  His nice looking army is below!

I did manage to sneak away with the Best Appearance.  They may be some tired old Wood Elves (rob) but are still fun and capable.

 Prize support was pretty awesome at this event.
For Best Appearance I got a box of Dwarf Berzerkers and an Avatars of War Figure.
One of those Avatars of War came in my swag bag just for attending.
And I received the other as a prize for sending out the first tweet from the event!
That dominatrix chick will be right at home in my Dark Elf army!!!!

I was sad to learn that this may be the last year for this event.  I really hope not as I had a great time.  Let's see what the future holds!  I'd go back in a heartbeat.  Especially if it was closer to home.

I snapped pics of the armies there and here are some of em.

Da Conesy

Harrison Witek

TK Lenny

Tyler Harshey

Greg Dausey

Handsomeman Grant Fetter

Matt Herrbold

Andrew Karoulus

Kevin Fleming

Chuck Jiardiana

 Highly recommended event.
Great day.
Got to spend some travel time with Kevin and Chuck and get to know both a little better.

Long day for me (4 hour drive) but totally worth it.



Stephen Herner said...

It was a great game Domus. You schooled me well in the art of the combat woodies. Looking forward to another game.

Domus said...

Glad you had a good time bro. I did as well. Looking forward to another game and possibly seeing some rats from you! Cheers!

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