Friday, July 5, 2013

Holy Tentacle, Batman!

I often get asked about the tentacles on the Chthonic Demons. Did I use a mold? Does each have a wire armature? 

The answer to the first is a definitive no. For the second, just a few models have a wire core tentacle. Both of the Skill Cannons have a single wire (20 gauge or .88mm is what I used) coming out of the base to support the portal.

This epidimius wannabe has a wire core as well, which I reinforced with some apoxie sculpt before adding a slew of green stuff tenties.

Trying to sculpt a smooth tentacle over wire is pretty laborious and generally a terrible idea. I think it took 3 layers to get the Skill Cannon ones right. 

Like much green stuff work, it is ten times easier to sculpt something off the model and just glue it on. It takes maybe 30 seconds to roll out tentacle, give it a nice shape and let it cure. Of course I had to do this quite a few times to get through the whole army. 

That is just one of many tentacle piles I created over many evenings. I ended up making quite a few tenties with the random extra green stuff leftover from all the conversion work as well.

The first models I did had chunkier tentacles, like these furies. 

For the rest, though, I used a leaner look.

The beasts were originally going to have some projectile pukies, but I ran out of time for SCGT. I think I still want to add them, though. Thanks to Rhellion for the bits!

Some folks wonder if they tentacles break a lot and I can say they do not. Green stuff is elastic, so they just bend if you apply any pressure. So far the paint has stayed in place as well. It does not crack off if they're bent or anything.

I will have to be careful in the winter, though, as I learned with 8 broken green stuff packmaster whips years ago. In low temperatures the green stuff turns quite brittle. The army will have to ride in the interior of my vehicle to avoid potential breakage.

Anyways, that's it for now. Leave questions below.

The next Demon post should be quite good, the much anticipated Pearlescent Spray tutorial, including before and after pics of a few of the above models!


iemattias said...

Great info! Making good tentacles is a useful skill for sure...

I do have a question, though: when you attach the tentacles to the model, do you pin them? If not, then how do you ensure a secure join?

Rogers said...


No pins. To secure them in place, I'd put down a layer of green stuff (fresh) and pose the tentacles however I liked. Then I'd put a smaller blob of green stuff on top and slather the whole thing in superglue. Once it dried I'd sculpt the face over it. Superglue + green stuff is quite tough. If you tried to pull one out, you'd pull the head off the model before you pried a tentacle out.

For the beast mouths and portal tentacles it was pretty similar. Put down a layer of fresh green stuff, but a put a dab of glue on the end of the tentacle before sticking them in to place. Something about gluing things into green stuff that hasn't cured yet creates an indestructable join.

hpoo said...

The photo of the pre rolled tentacles looks like a pile of pewbs after a grooming session.

cool info too man!

Michael Butcher said...

"Something about gluing things into green stuff that hasn't cured yet creates an indestructable join." True that.

Nice work Joe.

I agree on the tentacles over wire, not a fun day (but maybe not a bad idea in this case), I just did 60 of them for my Beasts. ZZZzzzz,

Brush Novice said...

Love your army, I love the fliers and bigger stuff especially. Also, what's the base model in the last picture? It looks awesome.

Mr Saturday said...

I can't get enough of this army. Goddam fantastic.

Ryan said...

Excellent work Rodge! It was great seeing it in the flesh at BITS even if the display board wasn't quite completed. Looking forward to seeing the additions (if any) to the army.

Stephen Herner said...

Loved the army I voted for it at BITS great theme.

Rogers said...

Thanks for the comments!

The big guy is based off an ultraforge war demon.

Unknown said...

This is so cool I am looking at getting 36" of Green Stuff right now from the Troll Trader, do you have any advice before I go on this endevour?

PS the reason Super Glue and Green Stuff together makes an breakable connection is because there is something about the two chemicals in each product that when mixed together (Eg while in liquid form) causes them to dry much faster and stick like sh*t to a Blanket


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