Sunday, July 21, 2013

Distractions: Wall Terrain Test

Since I've been very unmotivated to paint for the last few weeks, I decided to work on something else to try and keep the hobby gears turning.

I was poking through the Bretonnian army book, looking for terrain ideas that can be incorporated into the bases and army display board for the Orctonnian army. In the peasants picture section, there are several pictures which have fences and ramshackle buildings in the background. I decided to try and make something similar.

Here's the results:
It's built on a 40mm square base.
It's made of ApoxieSculpt, balso wood scraps, cork, and a 40mm base.

The blocks were intentionally done in many different sizes. I hoped that that would contribute to the ramshackle look of the thing.
After all the ApoxieSculpt was dry, I had to scrape each block with a modeling knife to get the fingerprints out of them.

I plan on filling all the gaps in the blocks with gravel when I gravel up the base.

All told, this thing took about 2 hours to build.

I'm hoping that I can use this as a base to mount a Pigasus (Peg-orc?) to. First I want to paint it up though, to be sure it looks sufficiently kewl. If it does work out, I'll likely do much more of this kind of thing to further the Bret theme. I'd even like to do some buildings in this wall style, with thatched roofs eventually.


Michael Butcher said...

Looking good, cool theme.

You might try using some latex or related gloves ($5-6 for 50 pair @ walgreens) when making the blocks, should avoid the the fingerprint issue.

Ryan said...

Looks sweet Johnny. I think it will look great as a base for the Pegapigs!

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