Monday, July 29, 2013

Da Rodge Podge

Made the long hike up to the point over the weekend for the Rodge Podge, picking up Johnny Wenger along the way which made for some nice chatting time with a great friend!   Mr. Hastings was kind enough to put us bros up for the night - thanks again bro for the hospitality.  I was glad to be back for the third Podge, I was at the first Podge but missed the 2nd.

I also got to meet the one and only Bully!!  The goddamn naughty animal.  lol

We got in Friday night around 9:00.  Hastings wanted to throwdown his NS list and I wanted some practice with my Paca ogres so I added 200 pts and we got after it.   The rodge came over and he and Wenger were playing a board game I brought with me (King of Tokyo).

I was going into this as the low man on the totem pole as his NS list is a finely tuned tourney list and mine is a much softer more flexible list but I won't give away any list details.  My game was on and I set up for a turn 3 multi-charge that would have given me a chance to potentially win.  And then my mournfang rolled an 8 when they needed a 9 (where's the tourney re-roll yo!!).   We had a really fun game though and the ball busting was at an all time high!!

The Rodge Podge, for any bros that don't know, is the a tourney the Rodge puts on for his bday.  No sports or appearance are scored.  The only thing that is recorded is the VP you earn in game along with any potential objective addtl vps. 

It is also a team tournament and each player brings a 1k list.  4 dudes are grouped together by Victory points.  (*you could earn VP pre-tourney by paying on time and turning lists in on time).

Teammates within the groups of 4 are determined using the following method;
Starting with the player with the lowest total VP and working the way up, that player can buy VP (100 VP for $1) for purposes of choosing the partner only (you don't retain these vp).  The highest VP player chooses his partner after this is all worked out - you can not voluntarily choose someone you have already teamed up with prior.

Individual VPs were calculated as - total VP earned as a team - what you lost as an individual.

Another fun component of the Podge is the re-rolls.
You can re-roll any 6 sided dice (*required to re-roll all of the dice rolled)
This costs $1 per dice being re-rolled and you only get 3 of these per game.
Your opponent can cancel your re-roll by paying the same money.  Each player gets 1 cancel per game.

All of the money collected is ultimately used for the Waaaghpaca travel prize.

Lastly was the theme.  Every year the Bear picks a theme and you get bonus VP for participating and the bear picks his favorite as a winner.  This years theme was Wrestelmania.

Full rulespack can be found here

John Wenger really embraced this years theme!

I went for the easy route and snagged a 2 x 4 from the house and so Hacksaw Jim Domus was born!  The room we were in had an awesome echo as well.  So of course I took this opportunity to yell "HO" loudly at every turn.

The bear and the legend showed up in costume!

 As did Miel and the Rodge!!!

I had my money on Wenger (props for face painting yo!!) but the Bear ultimately picked a guy as the theme winner who was dressed like the Iron Shiek and was in full wrestling gear.  I wish I had a pic of the Shiek!

So a quick break down of the Games and my list.
I brought some Sigmar Ogres and was going for big kills! (No lords allowed)
Bruiser - Rock Eye, Armor of Fortune, Warrior Bane, Dragonbane Gem
6 Ironguts FC - Std of Disc.
4 Ogres AHW
3 x 1 Sabretusks
4 Mournfang - Std Muso with Dragonhide

Game 1 - We just randomly rolled for partners since we were all tied and being el cheapos!  :-)
I was paired up with Travis "The Greil Knight" Greil from Wausua/
He was rocking Dwarves
Runesmith, Thane, Big block of GW dwarves, block of Ironbreakers, cannon, grudge

We were vs.Andy N (also Wausau) and the amazing Ben Cone.  They were Skaven and Goblins.

It was a watchtower scenario that could end on turn 4 based on some dice rolls.  You were also always pushed out of the tower automatically if it was assaulted.  +750 vps for holding the tower at the game end (only for the bro in the tower).  -500 vps (for all players) if it was empty

Some highlights - Mournfang charged into the Abom - got it to 1 wound left so I used the banner and killed it.  This let me overrun into the flank of some slaves my Gutstar had just charged.  And then they overran into some plague monks.  I'm just starting to get a taste of how nasty the Fang-bangers are!!!

I also snuck some Ogre Bulls (*johnny insists I stop calling them that but I just can't) into the building on turn 4 after determing that 12 dwarves with GW and Runesmith could handle a charge from a big block of clanrats with an engineer.  Not only could the dwarves handle it but they broke the rats and ran em down!  The game then preceded to end as we rolled high enough.  I managed to only lose a sabretusk.  1855 vps for me!

Round 2 - my group of 4 was announced as; Me, da Rodge, John Wenger and the Legend!
John was playing nice WoC and the legend was rocking Ethereal vamps.  Because of these factors I really wanted the Rodge as my partner.  So I conspired a bit with the Rodge before hand for this pairing.  John Wenger was up on me by 40 VP so was gonna pick partners.  I dropped $5 to pick the Rodge.  Turns out - it was worth it.

Rodge & I got a big win in this game and almost had them both eradicated off the board but Wenger made a turn 5 rally with a chariot and then the Rodge failed to cannon it off Turn 6.  It was the only piece they had left on the table.  I managed to only lose a sabretusk again so knew I would climb up pretty high.

Mournfang are badass.  I didn't really know the depths of this badassery.  I charged my unit at the Legends 35ish strong skeleton block with a baby vamp and did so many wounds they popped on the charge.
I also saw the Rodge try to get slippery on me and not potentially prevent my mournfang from what would have been an awful charge from some wraiths.  Luckily he screamered em down enough to not matter.

Game 3
My group (which was the top table) was the following bros.
Miel Vermulen (Empire)
Johnny Hastings (ogres)
Joe Rogers (Demons)

Shit.  This was gonna be tough and fun.  I had really hoped to play with Miel from the get go.  Looking at the pairings I knew the best outcome would be for Miel would be for him to pick (& Miel was waaaaay ahead of us) Joe as they would have both cannons vs 2 Ogres.  I hoped he picked me.  We are old friends and we  also love to play each other and always have these long drawn out fun battles together.

Miel did pick me in the end so it was us vs. the Point boys and they made it be Shirts vs. Skins.

I won't talk about this game as I am sure they will go into in the next cast in great detail.  I will just say that we had an unfortunate incident turn 2 and it changed the swing and tone of the game.  It all got worked out but it's just not how I wanted this game to go down.  Johnny suggested we should have just start over at that point and I really wish I had jumped on that.  (*damn hindsight!!!)

I did manage to earn a ton of VP in this game but at the cost of a ton of VP. 

So the Rodge ended up winning his own event finally.
Miel came in 2nd.
Then Hastings and me bringing up 4th place.

Great day was ended by all of us going and eating dinner together.  Then we played board games late into the night.  (Lords of Waterdeep, Smash up and King of Tokyo).



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