Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unholy Merger - The Arachnagrinder!


Ok so with that said I thought I would offer up a birthday post of the Soulgrinder that I have been working on for some time.  I think I made the initial post on Twitter about 5 months ago that I was going to begin this conversion.  As soon as the Daemons were given the option to take the Soulgrinder I looked at the model and said...NO.  Then I got to thinking that it would be a good opportunity to do a large conversion.  Something I have not done before.  So with that in mind I had to "fantasize" the obviously 40k soulgrinder.

Along came a spider:

The first step was to take the body of the soulgrinder and find a way to make it fit onto the Arachnarok.  This turned out to be much easier than I had anticipated as with a few chops here and there and not putting on the spider's head the two parts actually came together pretty snug.  Only some small games had to be filled with some green stuff.
Anybody want a piece?
The other especially 40k parts of this guy were the head and parts of the body that had tubes, wires, etc running all over.  This guy was definitely a combination of beast and machine and that had to be partially fixed.  My solution was originally going to be to use the head it came with and decided that a Mournfang head would look really cool and give me a cool fur conversion opportunity to cover up the tubes and wires.

Maybe with a mournfang head he'll have a 2+ AS?
This took quite a bit of chopping down but in the end I had it fitting with only minimal fur green stuffing required to fill in the gaps and make it look like it was meant to be there.  That is one thing nice about assembling/converting a Daemon.  No one can tell me that it's not supposed to look like that as the fluff says it looks different to all mortals.  Ya.

The next picture shows the converted fur along the neck and the beginnings of his "trail".  I also had to cover up that gap from the Arachnarok mouth and went with some Tyranid bits I had which could match the rest of the carapace.  In this picture I also began working on the sides trying and failing to match the rest of the bulbous underbody of the spider.  This is later covered in additional fur instead.

This is the 4+ armor save forming...
The other part that I had to adjust on this guy was all of the large holes in his underbelly.  Many of the holes had small spiders crawling out, webs, etc.  This did not fit the look I had in my mind or was going for with this guy so I chopped most of the spiders out and filled the larger holes with additional greenstuff eventually merging it with the rest of the body.
The rest of the conversion was adding the fur down the front of the model and around the merger.  I wish I was a better scratch builder as I would have likely created the left arm claw out of the other more fleshy claw bit but there was only the mechanical claw as a left arm.  After some searching I decided that one mechanical claw could stay - it still looked fantasy enough at this point right?  Right.
So this bad boy needs to be painted up by Blood In The Sun and here is a parting shot of the progress of painting him.  I will post up a bunch of pictures of my entire Daemon army following Blood in the Sun III.
I will be running this guy with the Mark of Khorne, the Baleful Torrent and his base claw.  Low initative monsters beware, this guy has 4 attacks at WS 3...


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome Ryan, looking forward to seeing the new daemon addition at BITS! (assuming you are there...) Happy birthday!

WarNugget said...

This looks awesome. I am starting a daemons of chaos army and this would be a great conversion for my army. Maybe add a couple of mechanical legs instead of all spider legs.

Unknown said...

I have been wanting to do this exact same thing! The first thought that popped into my head when GW said the grinder was going to be a WFB model was "No f***ing way! They're joking ... Right!?" But after going through the O&G book Ithought about making an "arachnagrinder".

Yours looks fantastic!! I've seen only one other such conversion on The Daemonic Legion forums and this one wins hands down! Can't wait to see it finished!

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