Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dark Sons of Khorne

The Dark Sons of Khorne were inspired by an army I saw at Adepticon in 2010.  The army was primarily Khorne and had a stark color scheme that really made it stand out on the table.  The fluff and idea of Khorne drew me in and from there I decided it was time for a new army.  Initially I played my Daemons of Khorne in 2011 Adepticon's team tournament with all Khorne warriors as my partner.  We had a good time and the army continued to grow from there.

The first tournament I played the army was Waaaghpaca 2012.  Since then I have played the Daemons in every tournament I have went to but with BITS 3 in the books I will now be shelving the army in favor of my first and favorite army the High Elves. 

This is about Khorne though and this post is mainly to show off "The goods".

General: Daemon Prince of Khorne

Herald of Khorne
Herald BSB on Juggernaut
(Used to be Greater Icon of Despair)


Furies of Khorne

Flesh Hounds of Khorne
(Ambushing usually)

Arachnagrinder of Khorne
(Flame Thrower usually)

Unit fillers
(Makes ranking bloodletters up annoying rather than impossible)

I really enjoyed playing the Mono Khorne army and have really found the new Daemons book to be a balanced and entertaining army book.  All of my games with them have had some epic things happen in the magic phase (even though I can't cast any spells) and it adds an element to my army that is very random where as before there was nothing of the sort.  I will say that it is a much harder game for Khorne in the new book with the overall general nerf to Khorne and the randomness of the gifts.  If I had one gripe about the book it is the random gifts.  Let us roll random gifts, but give us the option to not only switch to a magic weapon from the book, but armor, talismans, enchanted items and for the casters, arcane items.



Unknown said...

REALLY nice looking army! Great conversion work for the grinder and furies. Excellent freehand work on the banners.

Where did you get the helmet for the DP?

Ryan said...

I got the helmet from a Bits trader at Adepticon a couple years ago. As to where it belongs or came from originally I can't help there.

Rogers said...

Love these guys! Sad to see them hit the shelves for a while. You have a pic of your skill cannon? Other than that, I think all you need to do is a Thirster to get every Khorne unit covered? (Pretending the weird Herald chariot thing doesn't exist.)

Unknown said...

Fun to read and great job of painting. Finally got to watch my son in a tournament last weekend. Glad he enjoys it now when he is young, kids will change the amount of time you get to spend with "your" hobbies!

Unknown said...

how did you do your herald its really awesome

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