Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bull Ogre Unit Champ Finished

Today I finished painting the Bull Ogre Unit Champ. He'll be leading a unit of Ogres with 2 Hand Weapons.

He took a total of 28 hours, 5 minutes to paint! Sadly, when I built him I wasn't tracking my hobby time, so I'm not really sure how long he took to build. I'd guess it was between 5 and 10 hours though. That's around 35 hours total that I have in this guy. I really should stop tracking that stuff, as it's a bit depressing.

He's built from the old metal GW Doombull model.
You can see the conversion blog post that I put up for him here:
Bull Ogre Unit Champ Conversion
Painting the skin alone on this guy took almost 7 hours. These black and gray tones are really difficult to get perfect, and that was one of the goals on this model.
As far as the color scheme goes, you no doubt see that he's just like the rest of my Beastmen and Bull Ogres. The only variation is in his fur, which was done with more fleshy tones, rather than cream tones.
On all of the other models I've done, I've added blood to the weapons. I decided a long time ago that I didn't care too much for it, so I just skipped it on this guy. Never get stuck doing something just because you've been doing it; especially if it isn't something that you think improves whatever you're doing!
Before anyone says that his head looks too big, at least note that this is the stock head for this model. It does look over sized, but I like that look for these fantasy monster types. It looks really aggressive, tough, and kewl IMNSHO.
The bitz around his waist are stock, except for the glass bottle. That was added so I could mess around with some painting techniques.
He's been clear-coated with Armory matte spray. After clear coating, I went back with some 'Ardcoat gloss brush on varnish and hit the tongue, mouth, teeth, and the glass bottle on his belt.
The base is my typical ApoxieSculpt and cork style, as seen in a previous blog post.

For size reference, here he is next to an Empire Swordsman that looks quite a bit like Hitler with a big scar on his face. This isn't a political statement, just a random grab from the big lot of half painted models that I have sitting out.
That's it for now. Only 3 more large models, and one Ungor helper model left to finish up my 2,200 point Northstar GT list! Hopefully the 2 Maneaters won't take as long as this guy did to paint, since they're a bit smaller.  Right now I'm feeling alright about that November 2nd deadline!


PsychosisPC said...

Nothing ever good comes from tracking your time spent on hobbies, lets see 16+ years on a 51 Ford, yea, as I said nothing good comes from that, it doesn't get done any faster.

DeanM said...

Fantastic painting! Best, Dean

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