Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bull Ogre Maneater Conversions

As you can see, both of these guys are similar to the other two Maneaters that I've finished thus far. They're made from the old metal GW minotaurs, and with old-school Tuskgor heads.

The other two can be seen here:
Bull Ogre Maneater Musician
Bull Ogre Maneater Champion
The plastic crossbow bits on the rank and file guy are from the Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn box kit.
The sword is from the old metal Dragon Ogres. One of the few bitz from those awful models that is actually usable.
The chain is copper modeling chain. I have about 20 feet of the stuff, which is going to be with me when I die no doubt.
The heads on these guys look rather over-sized at this stage, but once the paint is slapped on they look really kewl and tough!

I had to GreenStuff hooves on both of these guys, as some of these minotaur models actually came with feet. To me that's one of the most irritating things of all times.

You can see that there's a decent amount of sculpting done on both of these guys. I've gotten into the habit of sculpting on some kind of glass vial/bottle on the belts of these guys. That's because it's really fun to paint them in different interesting ways/colors.

The Maneater Standard Bearer

His sweet weapon is from the new plastic Dragon Ogres box set. There are some really excellent bitz in that kit, although I think the dragon portions of the bodies are rather meh.
This guy required a complete reattachment of his right arm, in order to get it up and out as you see here. That required quite a bit rather fun and interesting GreenStuff work on the musculature of the arm and torso.
Finally, here he is with the banner temporarily attached. You can see that I've spruced it up a bit since my last post regarding how to make custom banners.
The large shields from the plastic Minotaurs kit make great center pieces for standards. The bird bit is from the plastic Giant box set (I think). The skulls and skeleton bitz are from the Ghorgon/Cygor box set.

That's it for now. Time to get to painting the Ogre Champ for the Ogres regiment! Stay tuned for that (hopefully in a few days).


PsychosisPC said...

Nicely done, the old minos conversions are looking very cool.

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