Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beasts of Nurgle WIP II | WHFB

Back after a short trip to Texas, finally made some more progress.

Went ahead and added a 6th Beast, gives the option of running a big unit of beasts in a bigger game, etc.  Just need to clean up seams and putty up bases.

And from the back... I have also added a "stinger" on the back since I shot the pic.  Pretty happy with the look overall.

Getting ready for primer and paint. There is no way I can paint around all those tentacles.  I didn't cement them in so they would pop out fairly easily.  Here the tentacles are glued to bases for priming and painting. Hmm, they look like one of the sculptures from Beetlejuice (as if anyone gets that reference anymore).

I spent a lot of time bending tentacles (sigh..) so I needed a reference to reassemble them properly. Sooo... I shot pics of each side of each model (really, I did).  I will be able to throw them up on the iPad  to follow when it is time to put them back to together. I will paint the bodies, tentacles, and bases separately. This will make the painting process much faster.

thanks for looking


Mordian7th said...

Those are fantastic - great work, man!

DeanM said...

That is some amazing work and dedication, Michael. Impressive Green Stuff work. Best, Dean

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! Got everything primed, (lofty) goal it get them finished this weekend

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